It Gets Better

Peace be with you all
After Peru it gets worse I have seen
I hate to be the bearer of bad news
As a prophet I am obliged to

For if I do not pronounce it
In the way the Lord God has thus provided
Then what I do not proclaim
It would be on my head a thousand fold
Thus it is a warning to you all

How worse?
That depends
Where and when?
Well that is up to the Angels this time
In measurement and magnitude
If I pick a place
You do not want that
And that is not His Will
For I might pick a populated area to provide further proof that I no longer require
No one would heed my warning anyway

Thus this time what comes next
Is the result of our sins we commit
So please pray for mercy, it will hit hard

See that the sins we blindly commit
Are what is making things worse
We must completely abandon ourselves to Him
If we want to see any good changes in the world
Be not afraid, it gets better His way


Whilst among you in this desert
Why do you give up so quick?
Temptations all around
Like His Mercy is not Infinite
If you fall from grace
Just like breaking a fast
You do not lose your place
Nor does the Lord discount your sacrifice
So get back up there
Repent and see


So vast was this vision
The vastness continues
Like the vastness of His Mercy

Mercy is Him unlocking mysteries
By way of Wisdom
Mysteries long forgotten
Hacked away by the enemy

But He leaves them unlocked
As gifts they are given
What else do you do to a gift
But open them up?

Lo, I opened Wisdom with Wonder
She revealed more than I understood
So We found and opened Understanding
And what She revealed I can also
But sometimes lacking substance
Words can sometimes be dreadfully dry

All I can do is ask
By Faith out of Love
He always answers as promised
His Knowledge He thus provides
With such gifts so far
Knowledge even of certain things
Which are fantasy
Which are truth
Which are lies

All this puts anyone
With such gifts at an advantage
But it does not stop there
For the gifts fail if I am selfish
So We must give Glory to God
And act according to His Will

So I sought to be humble
For Wisdom said it was wise
Considering the circumstances
So out of a pious heart
Acts of piety are apparent
Outward and clear

Such acts have kept me
Without any shame of Christ
Now Piety has encompassed my entire being
I know because when I silence myself
I can hear my heart sing in perpetual praise and prayer
Not only am I praising and speaking with Him
But so much more

This is the Way of the Reign of Christ

Oh at this point I sought out
Found only by Faith
His Strength right before me
His Strength because I am weak
Wisdom held me back
For a moment before I stood up
Whispered in my ear
Wonder without Counsel and you will be led astray
I stood still for a moment
And thanked the Lord for His Gifts
I paused and I asked
Where the gift of Counsel was
I have searched and searched
He said with a smile
That Gift my Son, has been with you all along

I wondered at what I could now do
Is not the act of wondering
In the bosom of God
Akin to something
That simply cannot be written down?

Chariots of Fire

I never knew, how could I?
I am nothing..

Out from the infinite depths of love
And with childlike affection
We asked Our Father
Why do You give in to temptation?
And the Father paused
His Face froze as He looked at Us
He veiled His Face from Us
But only for a moment
While We waited
Only seconds passed
But that moment is thousands of years rolling
With so many questions and burdens on Our heart

Then I saw a spark of light
In the corner of my eye
Behold, I looked to my left
And I saw woven throughout
The entire world
The smoke of deception by Satan
What I saw made me sick to my stomach and I wept
Once I realized what happened

But that tiny spark
Was all that was needed
To ignite that smoke of hate and lies
Like a volatile jet fuel vapour ignition in the air
From whence does this Living Fire come?
I saw St. Michael and a host of Angels
Defeating all sorts of evil

Then Chariots of Fire
Followed behind
Consuming everything ignited
Not even smoke nor dust
Save only the memory

Everything became very silent
Something was said which I did not hear
In my anguish I did not want to

I do not even dare write what I saw next
Though I was never worthy of anything
The Lord made me worthy
And defeated every evil with His love

All for the sake of love, our love

Why earthquakes?

Why earthquakes?

I should point out that over the past year as I write I have been monitoring global earthquake activity via the USGS almost every single day. The ongoing seismic activity that happens daily is not really anything remarkable, it’s just normal noise. The fact that there are sensors around the world and some impressive technology being used and developed to help monitor and predict earthquakes sooner, is interesting to note. It really makes a convenient feedback mechanism for someone such as myself, a nobody. While that still may not be that interesting to note, for obvious reasons, that data is fully and completely accessible to the public, and therefore it exists as a matter of permanent record. Combined with the time stamps on these posts as well as the existing correlations (noted in the comments of some of the posts I was able to find the time for), I have evidence of the fulfillment of that command, and that I must point out that there are other correlations that I have not found because I can’t be bothered with diving into the data anymore… I have enough evidence of something amazing, the Power of God through Faith and Love, it’s all there. The fact that the majority of the correlations are significant, they do not apply to just quakes, but plagues, floods, famines, volcanoes, storms, etc, have all come to pass as it was written, I could not ask for anything more. Do not get me wrong, I am not pleased that disasters come in the wake of a written word, but if I do not write of it to warn people and pray for them, the least I can do is post it so others can pray too. Back in the day, Christ reminds me, we did not have the Internet, we had miracles and word of mouth, and look at what has been fulfilled in scripture!

We are done commanding disasters
To gather evidence beyond coincidence
For We have fulfilled by faith in and through Christ
A Testament to His power, His mercy and His love

Have faith in Jesus who saves
Expect miracles poured out like rain
May Mary the Mother of God surround and protect you
Do good and do not look back..

If you scoff, in your heart you already know if you do
If you scorn, just run through the appropriate “what if” scenario in your head before you do
Which is the same as, that which you do to the least of these, you do unto me
If you mock, well you tried but it really does nothing anyway
If you hate, again it has no power over Us, so fuck off
Lo, that curse does not mean We hate you
We in fact rebuke you and your hate
It is your own hate you feel

And a special one for you who invoke harm or death
You should know if you are defending or attacking
Warriors beware, defenders have nothing to fear
For there are many of you
Who are not certain as contrast
Of their place in the cogs
Of this grey fog of war after war
You should know this though
The powerful are doing things irrationally
Out of fear
Fear of an overpopulated planet
They also believe
That they are doing you all a favour
By keeping you sated and blind
Only to be led to the slaughter
But according to the numbers
They have just lost control
Seven and a half billion we have reached
Thus they have justified their wages of war
To bring death to the weak to save their own
But the weak that are left are not enough
What happens then, tell me,
If the bellies of the beasts
Are full of the souls of their own?

Does not matter who or where you are
Know that the next disaster is aimed
Right at you, indirectly as a warning out of mercy
Or directly where you are at
Whether you hold the weapon in your hand
Or a mere nod gets the job done
You cannot hide under the mountains
No place can evade the power of His sight and might

So, if you believe in this written word
And in the Justice of Jesus Christ the Lord
Stay and be good to others
Out of love and peace.. that’s it



I bear these wounds you cannot see
He takes most of the pain away
Though He sometimes lets it go to remind me
And that is when you should tremble
For I learned this by Wisdom
Christ can take on all our suffering
He can inflict that same suffering on any of us, all of us even, but He does not
But I ask for it willingly
Most do not understand


We are at an impasse it seems
I came like a thief
No, you did not notice

Though I refuse to reveal Myself
So you plead for Me to
And when you see me
You refuse to believe
Because I do not say anything
Tell Me, why should I?
When I know what you will do to me
For all the wrong reasons

I am seeking the right time
To make fire from rain and rain from fire
That moment that was promised
I know it will come
After having sifted through millions to get here
In a single moment
A mere second it will come

But maybe it will never come
To you then I would be dead
Even then I will always live on
In hearts of water and fire
Out of the purest love of love

All the while I stand here
And I am starting to feel it in stages
The pains of the stations
All over again
Maybe this time
It will be more than just being revealed

The Change

No longer afraid
We Transfigured in an instant
For We realized together as We now walk beside
That everything is as it should be
Before things start to change
And this makes me chuckle
Not at how awful it is
Not at how horrible it all is
But rather at how simple but not easy it really is
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His Face Shone

And then Jesus asked me
Do you love me?

And I said, yes Lord, I do
Do you and will you forgive me?

Always, I do, He said with a smile

Then He embraced me as His Brother
Come with Me, said He
And led me by the shoulder
Together, We now move forward
I watched Him as He led me towards His Glory
His face shone brighter like the sun
Time completely crumpled to a slow halt
As He turned to look at the Father
I was amazed as His face changed
So beautiful and majestic to behold
So I turned and faced the Father too
Arm and arm with Him
We looked the same

Fire and Water

Out from this mouth
Love like water and fire come
I saw the entire cosmos
And how God created them all
This world we all live in
Is about to change
Oh yes, indeed it will change
A convergence in space and time
For every single universe out there
Including their heavens and beyond
Will ALL be refined together as one
Can you see yourself in the other cosmoses yet?
Do you know who you are?
From within you know
The place from where you once were
Before you were born, you know
Can you see who you are inside them all when you close your eyes?
We can, and it is absolutely amazing
Has it not yet dawned on anyone that a Glory filled Hallelujah is in store?

To partake by being made worthy
Not by any particular thing or device or method or treatment or any other such nonsense
But by the simple, humble, submission to the Will of God
His Most Holy Spirit

How do you do that, you might ask?
Well, before you get up in the morning
Open the eyes of your heart and pray
Lord Jesus, I offer you my will, please help me. Amen.
Know that Amen means: So be it.
It is a command
But you do not speak it like it means anything
You speak it like you are eating through pencils
It sounds disgusting, in fact
But a heartfelt prayer
With love filling every word
With a fountain of faith
At the top of a mountain
Will spring up blossoms of flowers
And trees with new springs
Fragrant and worthy
So wonderful. Amen.

Pray like this every day and never stop doing it
Ask Him how to love others, perhaps the strength to do so
Whatever you need, if you ask, it will be granted
Consider Him the Holy Spirit as your Super Companion
By doing this every day
You will allow Him to work with you
Never against you
To bring you all back
Toward the New Heaven on a New Earth He has in store for you