The meaning of Christmas has been diluted
Water feeding the trees is polluted
Not one gift from any supposed friend
Not one wish to be happy sent my way
Not one card that proclaims good cheer
Don’t blame the pandemic
It has been like this many years
Rejected by your idea of Christmas
Are the very lives Christ also died for

So my anger naturally flares
Everybody up off their chairs
Look carefully and around
See the lives that surround
See that the least are also Christ
See that this is how Christ returns
Among the least He has already come
And the way was not prepared
On you this was to do

But your selfishness prevailed…


Who am I that I believe in God?
I tried but to no avail
Hearts are hard
But some are soft

Among those we love
There are those who
Live to destroy works of God
So I beg God for forgiveness on their behalf

For the evil that they do is because in large part
They have been gravely deceived by Satan
Take a look around, Christmas all around
But no creche or baby Jesus to be seen

You hide the reason for the season
Replaced with a suspicious representation
Breaking children’s hearts across the globe
Forcing then to believe in lies

I rebuke Santa and Satan in the name of Jesus
For they are hiding in plain sight
No one questions it and you defend them
Remember what I told you about the little ones


Whatever it is that I did to hurt you
Feel me when I say that I am sorry
That I will do better until next time
I shall take away what you give me
And return better having known
That love mends all brokenness
So broken am I and need your love
So pour it out freely until you soar from it

My sorrow rests on the knowledge
That nothing will take away my suffering
Rather, I am to thrive in it and grow
Learn to control it
Live above it
Love instead of hate
Be charitable instead of jealous
Be kind instead of mean
It takes a decision to be such

But you pretend Christ is not here
And live pure evil in the shadows
The rich never change
Their harrowing evil ways are the same
As they were two thousand years ago
Back then only tables were turned
Soon the table indeed turn


If you knew then what you know now
Circumstantial evidence somehow
That everything has an edge
Towards being love and more

Filled to the core
Wanting you more
What I see I reveal
Hopefully surreal

Over and over again
Dancing and twirling to gain
With a foot and a stool
Stepping up above the pool

Ignored, I am cast aside
Every day I reside
In His shadow so I hide
To be alone by my side

Now I mix my words
You mix music with swords
Biting into a mystical appeal
Towards breaking the seal

What I break into to see
A real instance of power
Not to be messed with simply
As fortitude will be set free

Lifting up the brokenhearted
Is something He started
As their hearts are glorious
His Love notorious


She strengthened me with her love
But when push came to shove
I caved and let her knock me down
Now I’m on the ground with a frown

Continued until death marks the spot
Though I died like I was shot
Raised up like it was just a dream
Life changed forever as a stream

Of forgiveness oh it is key
With love essentially
Raising the dead from their trench
Ridding the world of its stench

Now I am wondering
Seeking the lost wandering
Observing the lost in their rue
Seeing that heathens have more love than you

Carried Away

I wrote with my finger on the sand
A word of warning carried away by the wind
To those caught up by their own fate
Now you have got me irate

Bleeding causes weakness
You cut me deep in the deepness
My worry is my own pain
But I let go and am carried away

If you were my hero
I already saved you from death
Caught up by wind that carries fate
A whirlwind of sanctification borne for this age

You will succeed in love where it is right
Lifting hearts to God while in flight
Besetting forgiveness as a pillar
Reminding me of a great thriller

Invisible and feeling dejected
Too many give up because of it
What you do to the lost you do to Christ
For He entered into our humanity for life


Dreams begin anew
With a whole new crew
Fighting for what is true
Falling just to be saved by who

I felt a rift expand into space
Looking up I am in the race
Felt like lightning
Oh very frightening

But you plucked my heartstrings
Once again hailed by my halo’s rings
I set off like a firestorm crazy
Bewildered onlookers in a frenzy

A bright light I cannot fight
I surrender to God’s power
Flowing through my fingers
It’s His pain that lingers

So I stand firm and tall
Watching for the great fall
Warning all to come to their senses
Tearing down all those stupid fences

Know that love comes to those who wait
Praying that there was a certain fate
For those who love as He does
No reason but Just because