What I Want

Knowing what is coming soon
All I want for everyone until then
Is to be at peace with one another
Be with the ones you love
Stay close to them
Have someone to lean on

As I have sacrificed so much you don’t know
So that when the moment comes
You best be alive and aware
Aware that you’ve been asleep
Alive such that within you is life

New Beginning

For a very long time
My heart has been desiring
To be with the ones I truly love
If inside you know the reason why

You would be at peace
You would be loved and love
The people we love no matter what
Even though they no longer do

This hurts because if you knew what I do
You’ll want the same thing too
Despite the crushing end that’s coming
It’s much bigger than you think

With every end there is a beginning
It’s the natural order of things
But this end is penultimate to the beginning
This is the New Beginning


When you read scripture
If the Spirit of God is in you
He will reveal the hidden mysteries
For there are mysteries unwritten
Thus secret from the world
That are revealed only by Him
Mysteries on freedom and love
The truth of how things are
Things that will always remain hidden
Thus never written
By the power of the Spirit of Love within

I’ve done my best to elaborate an amazing experience I always have when reading scripture, a gift nonetheless granted to me, so my only way to share is by posting in this tiny, unpopular blog. Bewildering me at the same time, because even as I write, scripture is being fulfilled. Amen. So be it.


If it’s taken you this long
To realize
That we ALL are
About to enter
Into a new beginning
You are most fortunate
For the time is short
It’s never too late
To do what you need to
To enter into
The New Heaven and Earth
Doing what you need to
To obtain eternal life
Depends on the love
You have truly lived for
And shown others and God
What sacrifices you made
For the greater good
And glory of God
Nobody ever needed
To tell me anything
About all the events
We are about to encounter
For I have mastered Love
By and I am God’s Grace
From that Love comes New Faith
And many things unforeseen


If I give you my love
I expect nothing in return
Because that is the way it is
It happens always that way

Open the eyes of your heart
And see the truth in the now
It’s way more profound
Not after I am long gone

I see the journey ahead
I know what is about to happen
It truly is near the harvest
Nothing matters to me but love

Where do you want to be
And who do you want to be with
On that wonderful day
The Day we ever so long for?

Lovers of Love

I wonder now how else to say this
I do not have to be here
But I am, because it is the will of God
With Christ Jesus, for we are kin

I have been testing you all
Tests to reveal whether you’re in good soil or not
Every test I have performed has left me miserable
For so very few have the roots

Such little to no faith, everywhere I look
I see you all as you are now and still love you so very much
You beautiful creatures of Love
Since when is love for a limited time only?


I’ve carefully observed the truth
To have felt what it feels like
To be an aborted unborn child
Under extraordinary grace

I must tell you, I have to
This is not just murder
But abominating action
It felt like this, for you to see

At first was tingling
Then pins and needles
Then knives and blades
Then being eaten alive

By demons

The worst was being torn in the heart
The painful rejection of my own life


Entering into a paradoxical union
With the Holy Trinity
Can only be attained by becoming one
In the flesh with Jesus Christ
In spirit with the Holy Spirit
Thus being one with the Father
Jesus is as One with Father as I am in him

Those of this one mind and convicted belief of the extraordinary grace required to forever be this way will indeed share in the first resurrection. “Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom judgement was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life, and reigned with Christ a thousand years. The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and they shall reign with him a thousand years.” (Rev 20:4-6) Amen.

Repent, Really

Seems strange and somewhat delusional
To trust entirely in God’s will
Especially when speaking from the heart
Not knowing anything but faith
Memories all forgotten and sacrificed
Only by grace and faith can I remember
I am lost but not abandoned
Lost in a world I never wanted to know
For on knowing certain things
One must tread carefully
Being of one mind with the God of gods
I won’t deny God that right

The Father wants to purge the world with destruction
If you read scripture you will know why
Why there must be a purging fire
So it will be, the only sign to be given
The one of repentance, repent and you will be saved


You want to know something about grace?
The worst feeling in the world is when you are raised by grace to be in the heights of the Heavenly Court only to fall from grace in a heaping pile of anguish over something so very dreadful, I offended the Almighty God. What sin I committed matters not, because in his mercy and forgiveness he has raised me up once again. Back to the same point in grace and faith as to when I fell out.

This experience brings out the knowledge of what the will of God is, for the experience of Heaven while on earth far exceeds any other feeling on earth, especially before the great end and new beginning. My sacrifice, as it’s written, will be revealed on Judgement Day, this is so my love remains.

As it is, the love and the agony is overwhelming to the point that if I say my body feels like it’s being slashed by a whip made of barbed metal, beaten, and crucified in a state of divine grace, I am saying this from my heart in all truth, but no one believes me. The Passion is indeed beyond anything I ever experienced, as I am partaking in the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known, thus partaking in the Final Resurrection.

It feels cold
It feels cold in the world
World of hearts I see
While hanging on this tree

Like Hearts

That bullet should have killed me
Such a dose would have killed a bear
Breathing water could kill anyone
I felt the world completely reject me

It’s a hard thing to forgive
So do I forgive all the pain caused by others?
Do I forgive myself?
I say that I do

So for the ones with the gift of reading hearts
You have found hearts like yours
Forever your love will be
But don’t leave the lost to find their own way

I went the other way in search of them
Following divine will, I was led the way
Painful it was for God and me
But love and forgiveness, always the key

I am meant to come find the lost
A voice in the wilderness crying out
Have you not looked around yet?
Proclaim it! For the lost are many

Present Time

There is no better time than the present time
To act out of Love to others
But presently at this time

A Son of God is on Earth
But has experienced so very little of this
While being in poverty of His own Divine Power

For the impoverished are granted Love freely
By God when their hearts yearn and seek it
Love that is God
Love that is eternal life
Love that is foundation of all virtues

But they harbour it in their hearts
Selfishly unaware
That greater is this gift of Love
They so covet within themselves
When it is spread throughout the world
By the most simple act of love that is
To share with one another
And expect nothing in return

But this world is hard of heart
Their wars, lust, greed, and lies prove it
The End of the reign of Satan
It is near its very end
So to those who are true Lovers of love
I say to you, you know exactly what to do

Speak From The Heart

Do you ever speak only in your Heart?
Before you can form words to surmise
The purest form of Love, a living flame
Conversations with God in this way

In an instant moment, Glorious Revelation
To have to write books upon books
Drenched in God’s Wisdom
To articulate what was said
Only to be torn by envy and hatred

For what comes out of my mouth
Will always be the Lord Jesus Himself
To warn you of His Second Coming
Lo, it has already begun

For when you rejected me
You have indeed rejected Christ
My Fountain, my Life, my Spirit
All of me in Him, and all of Him in me
A humble, wretched and lowly sinner

Having to come to terms with reality
With what’s been written on my Heart
My heart yearns for His Grace
Sustaining me against sin
With only these words I have left to give

So if you’ve never conversed with God
While you read this open your own heart
And know that I am trying to save you
Trying to lead you to God who is Love

I know what is in Hell that awaits you
If you should decide you don’t need God
The terrible things that must come to pass
To get your attention to repentance
Look around you, this is all in Revelations