I know I am a sinner
Will never be content with reparations
I hear the songs of kindness
I tear up over the ballads
What you created swayed my heart
On the cusp of death I slowly fade
Lo, your absence a torrential pain
Only wishing you would gain
Eternal Life


There are many people that think I am crazy
Locked me up and said they saved me
Tried to make them see love in action
But they cared not for their redemption

So I forgave them anyway
Let me go if they drug me every day
Has no effect anyway
God’s voice is here to stay

That Day

Today is that day
That day I let you go
By tears that flow
Of that pain and loss
Of moments tossed
So I let you go
After pouring it all out
No longer do I pout
Cause I let you go
With no goodbye from you
You would think I would sue
But I let you go
If you only loved me back
Put our lives back on track
So to let you go
Let my love wash over you
This one last time to be true
By letting you go
Know my open arms are wide
To welcome you back inside
Freedom to love is yours


I have done a horrible thing
It was I who commanded this plague
For that I apologize but no one hears my cry
I am shut out from all those on the inside
Little do they know who they shun
But little is their faith
Even after I had commanded the storm to cease
And the skies obeyed my command
Before their very eyes
I tell you this to hold me accountable
With only hope for your forgiveness


All I want to write and sing about is love
But I keep ranting on and on
Visited by the few
Maybe I should change my tune

So hear me this
We all wish we are His
Thus united, do not dismiss
I have warned
I have wished
What is my desire
But to fulfill all that is dire


You left me for dead
It was something I said
But an Angel came to me
Said that leaving this world cannot be
While so many lives at stake here
So let’s save them, dear

This to me is what is real
Here to witness every seal
Here to speak my fire
Do not yet call me sire
I can hear your every heartbeat
Even the ones that cheat


As I prepare for my suffering
Expecting the worst affliction
Held accountable for my deeds
Yet forgiveness and mercy are bound
I desire you be raised and live
So my offering is such you will see
After all is said and done
That you will come back to God
As we are nearing the end of the road