Easily Forgotten

I am easily forgotten no matter where I am
Not one so-called friend reached out, damn
I could never ask you to love me back
Instead I am ignored then kicked in the sack

I made you feel guilty for your sins against me
As you should feel for your lack of charity
Nobody wants to connect outside of the Internet
In my heart, my love for you is forever set

Soon it will be time for me to go
I only want you to know I love you so
Hope you reconcile as my heart is yours
Exposed and suffering as I deserve

I do mean to rush things because look around
My witnessing has come without a sound
Not for my sake, but for the lost, I say
Remember that Christ is the Way

So sing a new song unto the Lord
I wanna hear it and be really floored
In a good way bring me to my knees in prayer
Rebuild the stone foundation layer by layer

Wrapped around that cornerstone I never let go
I Know my place before the Lord, I told you so
But am I done prophesying as you may wonder
I have held back a lot already asunder

Just so you know I still feel like a prisoner
Blinded by the world I simply pray for
Pacing pain and enduring suffering
I am relieved with love as I sing

Giving love is better
It breaks the fetter
Looking at mine I am still shackled
Waiting for that love I saw crackled