Who else but Mary

Oh in my heart for her
Is love that is true
For someone so special
She was declared Queen
Someone I can touch
With the music of my soul
And never be turned away
Always listening
And giving God praise
The only one worthy
To be called Mother of God
So troubled are those by these titles
They misunderstand the Love of God
Only when touched by His Spirit
Will they finally understand


I have judged the Earth on its ways
The poor have cried out these days
More than ever I feel their pain
I heard their cry of disdain
You have no right to complain
As I call forth this love
Nobody listens to the cause
Instead they dig deeper holes
Watch the angels pour out their bowls


Did I tell you that I have this fire?
It burns all the way up the spire
Letting those that see and hear
The truth that burns their ear

I have got nothing else but fire
To burn the false and the liar
In their place rest their ashes
Did I not warn before the flashes?

I give the direction of the flames
To consume the one who blames
Got the Good Lord beside me
Instructing me in His Way for me

Now I have no fear of this fire that comes
Rather rejoice in song playing drums
Look to the Son for the final call
With my face set like flint to burn it all


In your presence
I wish to be
Not for myself
But for thee entirely

Lifted by His Spirit
In light of His power
I admonished the wicked
And was tortured for it

Now this light of mine
Forever will shine
Into the darkness
That you wish to revel

So I dismiss your puny power
For I lived after death
Despite your wish
That I died instead

I laugh in the face of evil
At their futile attempts
To circumvent divine power
For their selfish gain

Behold the power
Is in my hands forever
Caused by the nails of hate
I join myself to His fate


Now I have nothing to lose
For what is lost is forgotten
The love with which you wish to convey
Cannot cause this heart-wrenching pain
Without such lies in the way

Unbelievably unrelenting suffering
Should not be the go to
To save the lost from themselves
As their apathy digs their grave
I plead to the Father on your behalf
Despite how much pain you caused


I do not have any friends
No one to follow me to great ends
For the path I dare tread
Was rocky, steep, and covered in His blood

Now I am here my dear
Saturated in grace not fear
Wanting your attention
I have great intention

For my only purpose is to love
Anyone who is lost
For you veered from His path long ago
Seeking you after your final show


I have failed my Lord a lot
Countless violations of the Law
Not intentional
Habitually irrational

But despite my iniquities
And my obliquities
My intention is too surreal
To the Father I hold my appeal

In a world such as this
Where godliness is bliss
There are those that abuse it
For their own gain at the pulpit

I heard your sermon
Making us feel like vermin
When the infection of evil
Is present below your steeple

The Truth will prevail
Before I set sail
Onward and upward to Heaven
With His glorious Gifts times Seven


God spoke to me the truth
So I revealed it to them in full
And they locked me up for it
But then they had to let me go
But not without the scars they left behind
Caused by the deepest wounds of hate
So even amidst the lack of hope
A certain hell for them with no relief
Brought on by their own misdeeds
The truth and the reality I convey
Has been shovelled into a grave
Little do they know
That love always has a way
That every evil has no say
So to those who do evil
Now is the time to convert to love
Or be crushed by her heel


All my life I see the world differently
Innocent blood spilled
Is one drop too many
It appears that love is gone

Standing before the cross
Standing on holy ground
Where true innocent Blood was spilled
I stand my ground

Observe by faith the greatest power
To vanquish all evil that pervades
To those who persist in evil games
They know not that His Blood has power

The power to wrap sinew around bone
Restored with love the skin of life
Resurrected life will be here soon
All those lives you took will come for you


You plucked your strings to a strum
Wrenched from my hands a drum
Meant to sing instead a song
Begging light to shine on what’s wrong
Wondering again letting love flow
Outside of the demise of a blow
Held fast to reason
Accused of treason
Cannot help feel what I feel
Making an effort to reveal
Truth as it is meant to be
To be finally set free
As I live a life about to be disowned
For being someone meant to be owned
By a certain King of Heaven and Earth
My life I gave for a rebirth
Not for me but for God


Filled with the power of His Spirit
Gifts galore while one with our spirit
Joined together and giving praise
All this and more in many days
Complete reliance on His power
More beautiful than any flower

All I wanted was your attention
So listen to my intention
That the Lord be with you always
Even when you’re not there on Sundays
Now I am bereaved by your absence
As such is the love that rises like incense


From here is where my heart flows
Watching and observing like the crows
Witnessing to the end
My love do I send
For your heart to be full
Putting up the perfect toll

My gosh you are so beautiful
And your words so bountiful
In living a joy that fills the room
Let me be that love and soon
For my time here is short
As I rise up in the Heavenly court


Many times I bled until I died
This heart pierced like the Son
Breached the wall from the outside
It was to you I did confide

But forgiveness comes to play
When even the worst is done
Torn up from the inside out
Wary of those with clout

Gone like yesterday
Here today
Forever I live tomorrow
Where is your love?


I love you unconditionally
Poured out for the many
Accepted by the few
Just like the morning dew

Wonders never cease
Living love with ease
Fortitude in His Spirit
In everything near it

Have I poured out enough?
Oy, have I got it rough
When silence fills the room
In response to what comes soon

Gasping with surprise
Love is on the rise
Knowing where God comes from
Is better than the beat of a drum