Fire in my eyes
Consuming everything that burns
Left feeling dejected by my own
Because I have to fight to survive

The world is meant to be in harmony
Unity in suffering and joy
Together we can save others
The ones that reject Him and His Love

I revealed myself many times
Now I am hidden from your eyes
As I stand before God and All People
Mediating the devastation that comes

Peaceful Heaven

I have peace wherever I go
I project that peace to those I choose
Whether it is received is another matter
So many hearts are closed I found

Tell me by your actions
That you love me
Feel me and my pain
For I have become Him

He never came out of the wilderness or darkness
But entered into it from the divine Light
He shines His love eternally on His loved ones
Filling them with ultimate Power from on high

So I implore you
Beseech you
Reveal this revelation
To the whole world

In a world that revolves around the media
With money powering the revolution
Any word from this mouth is muffled
By those who disbelieve and hate with jealousy

No one is willing to risk their own beliefs
For something much better
A way to live according to love in Heaven
To discover that you have been redeemed

Held True

She held me tight
And It felt right
Little does she know
She has grace in her healing power
But she needs to be healed herself
So much pain caused over and over
Lost in old traditions that bled hate and pain
Surely there is a way
And I have found it
Took the door and went on my way
Entered a barren desert
And the Lord let down the rain
My heart was flooded and like the ocean waves
Breathed life into the soil by planting seeds of love
Barren no more and Home to a King
Heaven within if but only to sing
Sing praises we must
Wishing I would hear your voice say
I love you too in a song that says you are true


I am a master of forgiveness
Love always shines through
It grows and it shows
While fighting for Glory

No recognition came when needed
Lost in the valley of death
I try to move accordingly
Hoping someone catches on

But their hearts flutter elsewhere
Grasping onto material things
Groping their way through darkness
And blaming their problems on Him

I can assure you, my friends
My Love is greater than any amends
And you should be forever enshrined
In love as it is in Glory


DALL·E 2022-08-01 15.54.47 - a very beautiful digital art of the rest of the train

In some way I hope to frighten you
Not to scare you into pieces
But to shatter the illusion
What you see is like a dream
We are but dust in the wind
The truth of reality always fleeting
Since Jesus is the doorway to Eternal Life
There are all kinds of different lovely people
That never understood the truth and the deal
One must be united with Him on His Cross
Before death occurs and this is just the start
For I have tasted death more than once
Yet I live to love and give myself for all
He was me when I died
I was Him when He died
It felt weird to me, but understood it was real
I cannot explain it any more than that
It was something He did, not me
I accepted everything and gave Him permission
Now I am immortal with every love to hope to give
Resurrected in Christ before the final one for sure
What is in my hands now is the entire world
An Understanding of His Kingdom come
I choose to care for them and love them
More than any material thing
I say this over and over in one way or another
My sacrifices not in vain
I never missed the train

Peace and Love

Eternally Grateful

She is clothed with the Sun
Symbolic of the victory of her Son
Over death and evil is her victory
May very well seem contradictory
But their Two Hearts are One
United unto everything they won
The answer is simple in your heart
You must begin to love at the start
Do not be afraid of love as it is kind
Strong enough to break any bind
So I bound myself to love in every way
With every touch, whisper, and anything I say
His Love is stronger than anything
It was what bound me to this ring
I no longer dream of the future
As it is already here with His power
What you think you know, you do not
However it feels like some onslaught
To be taken away from me what I sought
And found with no merit to what was taught

But the victory that is won is disregarded
The redemptive vessel discarded
Her patience bears a resemblance to that Stone
Just like that Foundation that should have shone
Dare I say what she does next out of love
I guarantee she is filled with the Spirit of the Dove
So my love for her never wanes
Never played any of those silly games
Though I was the one discarded
My Lord picked me up and my heart He guarded
Now my life is eternal with my infinite thanks to Him


My love and my hope
At the end of my rope
Don’t know what to do
Feeling ever so blue like you

Treated myself to a family
Encountered a massive tumour
It is not some abstract rumour
Truth is, love prevails no matter what

Been saying for years
Been saying all along
Love your neighbour
And even your enemies

Being saved is not all about God
It is about cooperation with God
Entering into a kind of dance
Revealing a whole new stance

A stance before God
Is a place in laud
Granting graces galore
Admonishing all your gore

Out of all the love that is given
He grants it to the forsaken
Forsook because of knowledge
Forsook because of pain

As Prophesied

Followed my heart with God
Led me to places I had never imagined
Interiorly and exteriorly I have been
To Places where love rules forever
Where love spans all time and space
Which means when you see someone
And notice you love them
That love is the same love across all time

So how I feel and felt and will feel
Is revealed in the moment given as a gift
Where falling in love over time is the same thing
As love at first sight
But for the moments that take a while
It was not until they fell in love
That they finally saw love as true
Through the eyes of God
For God is Love

For me, I love everyone
My heart leaps a lot and I can fall in love
Especially when they love me back
Somehow I feel it because I felt it before
Beyond all time and space I know it
Let that Holy Spirit flow It
Revealing in a moment from the future
The love they give right up until the end
That is what happens to me anyway

So many people I love deeply
There is no room for jealousy
Their features, quirks, and imperfections I love
I do what I can for them all
Treading carefully so as to not fall
But I am teetering on the edge now
With no one to hold or catch me, how?
I have never felt so unfree
What I do for you, see?

But the painful thing with this gift
Is that I can read the hearts of those who hate
Feel their lust for the kill
Their greed for the steal
But I love and forgive them anyway
Never getting back anything in return
Never expecting it anyway
Got something they don’t have
Love that is greater than the thrill

I never had it easy with all my mistakes
I wonder, what kind of world do we want to live in?
Lord, have mercy on us all
The world is turning and changing
The Earth will shake violently
As prophesied not by me
But what was prophesied out of Fatima
No more secrets is what I say
Which is why We must trust in our Lord Jesus
In Him and in every possible way

So repent and return to the Lord
Pray and fast like you have never done before
On this Ash Wednesday
In solidarity against all war


The meaning of Christmas has been diluted
Water feeding the trees is polluted
Not one gift from any supposed friend
Not one wish to be happy sent my way
Not one card that proclaims good cheer
Don’t blame the pandemic
It has been like this many years
Rejected by your idea of Christmas
Are the very lives Christ also died for

So my anger naturally flares
Everybody up off their chairs
Look carefully and around
See the lives that surround
See that the least are also Christ
See that this is how Christ returns
Among the least He has already come
And the way was not prepared
On you this was to do

But your selfishness prevailed…


Dreams begin anew
With a whole new crew
Fighting for what is true
Falling just to be saved by who

I felt a rift expand into space
Looking up I am in the race
Felt like lightning
Oh very frightening

But you plucked my heartstrings
Once again hailed by my halo’s rings
I set off like a firestorm crazy
Bewildered onlookers in a frenzy

A bright light I cannot fight
I surrender to God’s power
Flowing through my fingers
It’s His pain that lingers

So I stand firm and tall
Watching for the great fall
Warning all to come to their senses
Tearing down all those stupid fences

Know that love comes to those who wait
Praying that there was a certain fate
For those who love as He does
No reason but Just because


Immersed myself in your beat
I reclined because of it in my seat
Felt that your mission of conviction
Towards love was not admonition

So simply you cannot avoid it
Everything is joined to it
Lifting up the brokenhearted
According to what was started

Now I stand firm in my resolve
To bring you to your senses to revolve
All your works around the Lord over gods
All the power still at odds

Have you ever felt truly alone?
Abandoned by every one of your own?
But I know more than you
And this love is what is true


We are instruments of God’s Will
And the Lord’s anger that comes directed
Toward those ignorant to His Children
He warned us not to hinder them
Yet hindered I am
I now waste away over time
Instead of living on as I should
Friends no longer friends
But my enemies are no more
New friends come along
And discover the heavy trauma deep inside

Concerning Matters

You’re in my memory
While my memory fades away
Not on my own accord
But I will never forget you
My love for you shall live on forever
For your songs tore right through me
Especially when you are right
Concerning real matters alright

I used to not care about the planet itself
It will still be around long after we are gone
But the life it is teeming with now
Is hard to ignore in the Universe
But it is harder to ignore certain crimes
All of which God has eyes on
Especially when it comes to Children
You have no idea what you have done


Now I have nothing to lose
For what is lost is forgotten
The love with which you wish to convey
Cannot cause this heart-wrenching pain
Without such lies in the way

Unbelievably unrelenting suffering
Should not be the go to
To save the lost from themselves
As their apathy digs their grave
I plead to the Father on your behalf
Despite how much pain you caused

Good Time

I speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit to say
What remains must first come
To prepare the Earth for His Kingdom come
Know He is quick to forgive and forget
Don’t want Him to forget you
Swirling around the eyes of this world
Is an urgent call to attention
To put down your arms
You are all fed lies like crazy
Can’t you see we are in the end times?
The culmination of all the Good Works
Will be presented in Good time


I saw her smile
With that glint in her eye
Intent of love
Let out like a chorus

Gesturing toward the Truth
Revelations come this way
Watchtowers no longer watching
Wait until the lifting of the veil

Do not ask when or why
Accept the truth that you lie
But you can repent and relent
Cop to the lie for fogiveness