My last hope is this
That you come to me knocking
For I am inept at being human
Desiring only one thing

But when it comes not
Is withheld like treasure
Let us not be greedy
When you give
You get more in return

Deny not delighting the Father
With the opportunity to love
Extraordinary Love
Beyond every stitch, bond, and vow
Comes like a thief in the night


I was anointed so I can justly say
I lived no matter what, Christ the Way
Oppressed and suppressed
God was not impressed

So at my direction God allowed
A command that was hallowed
To bring forth this plague
Unfortunately it is vague

I was built to walk in His direction
But granted the freedom from dereliction
Walking and listening freely
In my hand a steely


Within my halo I can feel my cross
To bear as Christ bore our sins
Atrocities and evil thoughts
To crucify what evil remains
Daily so they do not get away

Such purification can only come
By way of grace and of love
Of self sacrifice for your sakes
For the sinner
Oh the repentant sinner!
What would they have become?!

Alas this union in suffering
Comes by way of offering
That this suffering comes twice a year
When it should only be once a year
But sins and arrogance have blinded them
Blinded the ones who say they are holy

So I will suffer doubly for you gladly

Way is Yours

What is the will of the one who sent me…
That you all perish in flames?
No, that you receive love that is due
Pure, unfiltered, immolated love
Love that builds bridges
Love that heals and enlightens
Never frightens
Be not afraid
I have gone before you
That Truth and Life and the Way
Are yours every day


There was a moment
Hastened back in time
Where love was given in such a way
As to redeem the lost and forsaken
Though their hearts were in the right place
Their future was in jeopardy
So how to save this bunch
Who they cannot save themselves?
Other than to pour out love’s kisses
In the form of healings and graces

Intentionally Blind

You have got a preconceived notion
Of what it is I am about in motion
Your judgement of me
Is something I see
Feeling like a leper in a tree

Know that compassion and love
Comes from up on above
That closed hearts deny
The truth of love to apply
To the lives that are so sly

So flounder not your newfound song
And you will know that I am not wrong
You will soon seek me and find
That I am intentionally blind
Testing those who are kind and unkind


My heart is being stabbed on repeat
By rejection and hatred to defeat
My weakness and my bleakness
But I already gave mine away

With nothing left of my own to give
I need permission to give what is His
I am left here all by myself
All my books just sitting on the shelf


Loved by so few
Hated by many
I can read their hearts
Like a book it starts

So they turn their faces
Denying sanctioned graces
Making me feel restless
Having to deal helpless

But my patience does not wary
Nor does it vary
I will wait until the very end
When your love to me do you send


Little by little
Every bit subtle
She removes our Lord’s Presence
So soon to be empty
Like a barren tabernacle

I have no say
Though I do not say
Anything until now
Though I warned before
Circumvention has a role to play

Our Lord can never be extinguished
No matter how much more you have
Never how much money you have
What your fear fuels inside
Comes to take you for a ride


My life my band
No longer a strand
Held close to my chest
My heart dropping my best

Felt in the light of forgiveness
A transition to lightness
A kind of fire with delight
In offering with powerful might

That glory and our God
To Him we owe our laud
With broken fingers trying to convey
Something massive to say


From within your ranks I was betrayed
Confidence destroyed by jealousy
Sitting back now wondering
If you will ever reach out
What was said and done is final
Revelation of the truth is what happened
Never secret only lonely
Because of dejection
Denial of truth and light
Oh sorrow be gentle to me
This fire is alight
And her song sings to me
So turn this sorrow into joy
From the window like you should