I tasted something that was gifted
I tasted immortality on my tongue
And drank God’s Glory
My unworthiness precedes me
Yet I am still loved
For that I always love in return

May my misdeeds be forgotten
And reconciliation comes into play
Before any Glory is given I pray


To no avail I sail
The treacherous waters
Beaten and bashed
Mistreated and mashed
All in the name of themselves

Whose name shall be called?
Whose name shall save?
They are one and the same
This is not some game
Though your game I did play

I lost on purpose
Seems like giving up
More like living it up
Offering it up just the same
Living it fully even if I am lame


You do not know
The sacrifices made
The self-immolation
By the Spirit’s Fire

Out of love I gave
My very life that saved
Have to be alive
By breaking the silence

Watching those I love
Treated with contempt
Incites and flares my anger
Now I breathe My Fire