My heart it bleeds
By following my creeds
Which deem my immortality

Faithfully and dutifully
All my life
Truly now I have freedom

But jealousy always ensues
With hateful speech imbued
In the lives of those who listen

So I keep it quiet and in the down low
Waiting and waiting
For you to come home


I am constantly ignored
Because I implored
For a simple sign of your love

Received it not
Nothing I have got
Believing a lie I never sought

But now I seem careless
Not by the way I dress
I am invisible and far from it

I washed away the pain
With love like a spring rain
Rejection is not absolution

So be careful in your tower
Love is my superpower
Disarming even demons it seems

Bad Omen

My hope is in the Lord
My life is always His
He opened my eyes and heart
To see the lies that start

So I begged for forgiveness
Received it with acceptance
For that is who I am
Truly goodness always

My behaviour is selfish
Because I have no one to turn to
So I let go of my life
And let the Lord lead

True to His word
Deliverance is not absurd
He gave me His blessing
And showered me with gifts like he said

Thus I shared this gift
Jealousy and hate ensued
Tore me to pieces
And left me for dead

I bring tidings of bad omen
That your sins against God are great
You ignored and shunned His prophets
Stifling His word is bad

He will stifle you back
And He has
This is just the beginning
If you do not repent


How I live and breathe is unique
Acknowledging that I become a sinner
The moment my lips touch yours
When love soars to certain heights
It’s hard to ignore
Better to explore
Learn about each other
Being vulnerable always
And it’s okay you cause me my pain
I forgive you with love
And hope for trust
But I am forgotten
And my life in disarray
But one thing is for sure
I am still living in that Spirit’s gentle flame

Came Down

I came down to see
To witness everyone be
To smite and warn
Those who are likewarm

But my message fell on deaf ears
I have nothing left but these tears
Blindingly they persist in sin
Citing their own lies within

Their love has run dry
It is though they do not try
But when they harm the little ones
They reap destruction by the tons

My anger fills this cup
To relent I must drink up
But I poured it out instead
Now it is on your head


I’m an escalator down from Heaven
Trying to convince their nature
To be good

But they are hard of heart
One has to bend them like iron
This pandemic is one of them

There will be another blow
This time with fire
It will fill the sky

But steadfast love will come
From neighbour, friend, and foe
The love of God will show…

Worth Living

This world has not been kind
Now back to the daily grind
Got so much to look foward to
All that love in between gotta be true

I have a blessed and cursed life
A certain kind of easy strife
Looking forward to it
To the time we meet and sit

My hand is gentle
My words are kind
My body is vexed though
Bread always starts off as dough

My Lord who shaped and formed you
Is my father, brother, and mother
From God is always a life worth living
Never a dull moment in giving

The possibilities are endless
Of what is written there is what is not
Can either be good or bad
Good for others or just yourselves?