Freedom to Love

Freedom to love
What does it mean to give one’s self to God?
Way out there in the collective mind of humanity
I can see the whole picture
How you are seen through God’s eyes
Is a gift of mine
I stay hidden for a reason
Because to the rest of the world I am blind and judgemental
Therefore if you love
You will see Him in me
Am I ungrateful for being hidden?
I can see that He loves you very much
Just like the dead do not speak to the living very often
Lord Jesus have mercy
Come to Us in need

End to Worldly Things

I put forth a command through the Lord
To end the world’s troubles in flight
In light of certain events I weep
Over the lack of love
There is no glory in the absence of love
So the time will come with power from on high
You will know when it happens
Cause of the world’s empty and callous ways
They will come to a complete and absolute end
And that this is the only way


The world’s attention is divided
Split among the godless
Worshiping idols
Against God
This is the Truth today
That their focus is not on God
Rather they are focused on themselves
Vying to get noticed
Even if it is just for a glimpse
But their gains are a lie
Relying on their idols
Who produce nothing but lies


To be a shepherd of billions
You have to be unseen
Searching for the lost
And bring them back to the fold

The devil’s hatred of me is assuring
Attacks daily to try and circumvent
The works that I am currently doing
Spreading the Word of God one at a time

Burning Bright

There is fire inside burning brightly now
I cannot contain it, tell me how
Do I really want to?
For with you I am through

Do not mean to alarm
Meant only to disarm
And dispel your fears
Holding back all my tears

I wait patiently in the dark
Hidden in the corner so stark
A reality hidden within me
Heaven it is I can see

But nobody believes
Who is it that receives?
By grace and confession
Love like an obsession

So I stepped back and held my heart in my hand
Walked among the giants on this blessed land
Privileges granted by God Himself
Stop thinking about only yourself


Open your heart to me
So that you will see
That your love is great
Not just some kind of fate

Now my heart is burning
Yours is always yearning
Truth comes by way of Christ
You’d think it was some heist

I am here to seize
For you to freeze
For a moment’s peace
Your heart, just a piece

Rejected as always
Lost count of the days
For nothing but praise
Even in a daze

Did you get the gist?
Someone gets kissed
By a kind of love that is missed
Instead I am dismissed


I cannot compare to those you love and admire
Feeling dejected despite the fire
Following His footsteps everywhere
Not everyone is, it’s not fair

Facing death head on I survived
Because I walked with Him revived
I did my best to reach you to no avail
To bring you back to Heaven by sail


Holding onto the love
Love that shapes new things
Dreams that are awake
Treading on thin ice
Love makes me safe

Standing among the dead
Trying to raise them up
Resurrect them up from death
But their hearts are hard and cannot see
Heaven walking amidst them


Did you know that you are everything to me?
That your love including me I can see
So far away but I cannot complain
Will this love be in sustain?

Like a plucked chord on your guitar
Let it not fade very far
Before you pluck those strings again
Remember my love is yours to gain


I’ve got so much to say
About the sunshine today
Beaming love and hope
At the end of my rope

Nowhere to begin to say
What troubles me today
Nothing ventured nothing gained
Feels like I have been framed

My inclinations directly from God
People have trouble avoiding fraud
I stand fully aware and able
Seeing that I am an untouchable


Your song pierced my soul
Beware there is wrath in the bowl
Do I pour it out or drink it instead?
What if I poured it on your head?

I hear the cries for pestilence
All those sitting on the fence
Where has your faith gone?
When a light has been shone

In the darkness you cannot see
What is unseen will always be
Remember mercy as it goes around
In your silence you made a sound


While under His reign
Where grace will sustain
Emptied of all the rain
A vessel full of pain

Now I give myself as does He
It is the only way to be
To repair the damage done
To be one with the Son

When you are one with Him like a ring
His love keeps you under his wing
Poured out for the lost and forsaken
Revealed in His glory before you are taken