Truth is
What brings me joy
That comes from wonder
Is that I cannot die
Will never die
What comes from Love
Is what Love gives
And My Heart is full

Though you are distant and fading
I reach out to save you
But you pull your hand away
And you vanish far away

So what happens to this joy
Well it turns into deep sorrow
And I hold fast to my remembrance
Remembrance of you forever

Do you just want to be a memory
Or do you want to brandish Love’s flame
And set the world on fire?


I only want to write of love
But nobody wants to hear it
So I wrench from the cosmos
A warning

To warn of things to come
If you continue down this path
My warnings are nothing
Compared to what comes

Dost thou comprehend now?


If you only knew what the crickets are saying about you…


You took to silence
Despite the waves and volume
Of love poured out
My Heart poured out
All that blood and water

I thrive in love
But when you do not love me back
Eternal Sadness echoes in My Heart
Come to Me
And have your burdens lifted

Ripe is the time
Time for the Harvest
Truly it is already here (too many brambles – brambles to be burned)
And so is Him who has returned in Glory


Imbued with suffering
Angst lies in ruin
Peaceful endearments
Make for an eternal offering

I love you like no other
Truly I am your lover
I held fast the keys
Keys to Eternal Life

I want to take you there
Lift you with the wings of love
Reaching new heights
Above the horizon forever


Teardrops fall like the rain
Sheltered from the torrent
Are the ones under His wing
I see very few under Him truly
And His wing is huge
Large enough for the whole Universe
But so many have faltered
Yet so close to seeing the truth
So fall short of believing in God
They may believe He exists
But again fall short in believing in Him
Remember that no matter how much I am tortured
I will always offer it up for you

The Holy Spirit does wonders for those in His wake

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering
Gravitate toward me
Slicing and dicing
Feels like demons again

I allow this to pay the price
To love without exception
The price to free those from death
Has already been paid
The price to free them from sin
Is Cavalry and I am a living crucifix
For you

Who Cares

I feel like I lost you somehow
My belligerence
Your ignorance
All I have is crumbling
But I have nothing to fear
Despite everyone leaving me behind
Not a care in the world for this rind

It bothers me not
My love for you still grows
Despite your hatred of me now
I delivered on a promise
Came to be recognized
But instead was forgotten


Dead I already am
Life I already had
Indescribably tortured
Because of who I am

Round down the silence
Into oblivion
Burning wheels of desire
Turning inside out

I rush to heal the ringing
Ringing in my ears
As death bellows
Into a pillow