Never Surmise

One thing for sure is
If you trust and love the Lord He will be with you
Always, I have said from the beginning
Your love makes my heart ring

So when it fails all I can think of is
Not enough believe and know of this
That if this body die, and I will someday
I will be taken up body and soul

I know because it happened before
It was Christ Jesus who was first raised from the dead
My immortality is not of my own accord
But of Christ within me, wait and see

But until then, I write while being attacked
Left and right, no defence against
Like a sitting duck, taking the blows instead of you
I love you, so why else would I?

I will endure every suffering that is thrown
For your sakes always because as witnesses you are known
As the wrath of God unfolds before your very eyes
The storms are just the beginning, I never surmise


You will forget what I told you yesterday
That death comes to those today
With no recognition of the prophecy
That attempted to circumvent more than policy

Alas, the ignorance is abhorrent
It was me the Lord has sent
To deliver bad news with the hope of change
And the prophecy was fulfilled well within range

I do not like it when the Word reveals truth
That leads to death and a rotten tooth
But it is what it is and let my anger subside
I turn only to find you are a pain in my side

But I love you anyway despite your failing
I am looking at a bulletproof glass ceiling
Hell bent on destruction of livelihoods so
It dislodges the poor from their status quo

So at my disposal and fingertips
Are just inklings and words with whips
To bring the rich right down to their knees
To compensate for their awful deeds

But they will not bend their knee at all
And their riches will grow before they fall
Watch as their platforms fail
All that wealth gone to waste, what a tale

So I curse their livelihoods with disdain
That insects invade and destroy with pain
Their very source of their wealth and powers
To be destroyed along with their evil Towers

But as I have foreseen with godly powers
I saw and still see beyond the flowers
The truth of their own state of being
It is putrescence and vileness I am seeing

My anger will not subside this time
Not even if change takes place in time
It is no longer up to me to decide
What to do, in you I confide

Not only have I failed you but our Lord as well
I have nothing, not a thing, nothing to sell
Because I give it all away no matter what
So give me a billion dollars is what

My threats are against only the rich
With their crazy ideas that hurt not the rich
Ignoring me from every angle I can see
Because of their disbelief in me

Why do these things have to rhyme?
They sound better I think over time
After you sing that song I need
To deliver the message to seed

Stripped Embrace

I have nothing but love left in me
All my energy gone like the wind
Stripped of my passionate embrace
I just wanted to love and be loved
Is that too much to ask?
Instead I am hated and your love far from ideal

I learned by my studies and mistakes
That there is nothing wrong with me
Just wired differently, born like this
But that is what you do not understand
My faith is being held in the balance
When I saw you tip the scale

Thus the evidence is weighed against you
The Lord knows what was on your heart and mind
When you took the life you meant to spare
But forgiveness is just around the corner
Spared by the power of the Cross
Join me in praise and thanks to Him

Him who is Christ is our saving grace
Jesus whose name saves us all
Has come to us and none recognize Him
I know because I am a witness
With the same pierced Heart
Weak now because it is bleeding profusely

Nature’s Vengeance

I am called to be a prophet of the age
Learning Wisdom from her lips, not a sage
Every means at my disposal to help you through
But end your wars or I will use Nature against you

Which comes first?
The mighty earthquake and tsunamis in its wake
Or are the hurricane onslaughts not enough?
Behold this is for God’s glory not mine

In this the Lord will make known to His people
He is arriving, has arrived, and arrives in a moment
Gifts to the world kept hidden will be revealed
Thus is His call for you to come back to Him

Receive Him
Love Him
Hold Him
Kiss Him

His mighty Sacrifice on the Cross saves us all
Remember that and do not hate His Children
It is who you are and not forsaken
Love yourself and your neighbour



Shadows always hide from me
Because I am the shining light
In the light I do not even see them
But from within a shadowy figure I can

My cover has been blown
So to the floor I was thrown
Already healed in just a day
And forgave the sin that caused this delay

I will continue to be attacked
Because I am vulnerable and in love
My strength is not my own
As I have undoubtedly shown

Death defying and chosen by God
Ignored when on a pedestal
Will show another way to swing a sword
One that bears His Heavenly Word

I warned the rich and judged their platforms
Now their stocks are plummeting
As are their schemes unraveling
So will everything else when all is said and done

So I say to you O wanderer
Whose bidding do you hide under
That could possibly uproot
What God Himself has planted?

I say none if any of you are wise
Deceptive and you will meet your demise
I have lived and breathed faith and her powers
Bright like gold and as light as April spring showers

My time now is short and the end now quickened
My pace to accelerate my demise has thickened
Carrying my cross all along ready to be strung
The bell tolling the number of deaths has rung


Went face to face with Death once again
Had words over what has him going around
Made me sick and was hit on the head
But I am still here standing before you
Ready to leave any day now
But all that love still keeps me here
All it takes is one


I love you all
It is a predicament
For I cannot show partiality
Makes me feel alone
For no one I can relate to
In this experience of something extraordinary
Has ever crossed my path
What shall I do for these are all the same people
Who will lie, cheat, steal, and murder
Forgetting that love does none of those things
Groping their way through the darkness
Show me your love in action
Not your wars and bloodshed
Show me this love so much
That hidden among you I would feel it
Generosity and curiosity go together
And in these times I am a shy breath away
From being homeless with my family
Because the rich have already judged me


Nobody has a song that quite contains
The Love I found that day you came
To me with a broken body and heart
Resolved to bring love to every corner to start

The renewal of the love that would bring
Salvation to the lovers in the ring
I have a passion and this is it
Owning every revelation that is writ


Had a crush on you at the start
Turned to love while apart
Never would I ever sever
But I will pull the lever
That gets you going again so rad
Over that Love you thought you had

This burning heart of mine
Seems to have crossed the finish line
That place of Glory which leads to new life
A true one that will forever last without strife
Here I am waiting for you
Left a hint that is true


Some of the things I did not do
All of them certainly true
Though always with love in mind
Where it led you will one day find
Living this journey woke me up
He made me worthy to drink from His Cup
So I did and He instantly transformed me
Into His likeness I can see, want to see?

Charity in Action

The power that belongs to the people
Is the power that the rich covet and steal
My anger fumes at the ignorance displayed
They are going to war because of hatred

The only way out of this is to love
Acts of love include charity in action
Bringing to the forefront their very lives
You started playing with Fire


I filled the sky with my love and words
Looked at the pieces that became shards
There is a beat and a tune to go along with
Every poem that I write to you I wish

I have delivered thousands upon thousands
Of these wispy words flying high above the sands
Only hearing the convictions of every criticism
And it hurts to breathe even under hypnotism

Shadowy figures plague my mind
Puts me in quite the bind
Between a rock and a hard place
I am tortured by every evil I face

I do this for you to recompense
Adhering to the sacrificial offering of pence
Still bleeding profusely before you, dying
Only hoping for some hearts widening


My dreams as of late
Have me feeling quite irate
Notions of evil deals convening
Surrounding me and concealing

I have no fear of any evil deed
In fertile soil I planted love’s seed
Now the time comes for a reckoning
The Lord hears me beckoning…


I have faded dreams that keep me awake
With a dangerous beat you could not mistake
For a life that lives by grace through faith and love
Words mixed in songs and actions thereof

I believe in certain things forged by faith
Not by a crafted response from some wraith
With every word from God’s mouth in anticipation
I filled a book of love for an entire nation

Now I walk unhindered in this valley of death
Never walking without Him nor out of breath
Picking up the pieces I lost along the way
Does not impact my stance any day


How shall my words reach you
When life with me you never knew
Come to me, come back to me, I can hear
The Lord God and His power to endear

I am feeling like this is my last
While I write, I pray and I fast
There is nothing more I can cast
I am from the future and I live in the past

Please, I plead with every fibre of my being
Dismantle all your weapons, the horrors I am seeing
When the world I can see are killing each other
The world without your wars is better


I found a treasure
It is love I am sure
Holding me close I sigh
In my mind I can soar high

Nothing and everything to say
Wanting you to come and play
With joy and peace as my guide
By grace, never losing my stride

Never made a career from any song
Cannot say if the words are wrong
But they are from the heart
Good enough for this rocky start