Lonely Start

I dreamt I was in Heaven
I received all the Love times seven
Flowing through God forever
Entering into a new endeavour

My faith is that the Lord’s will be done
As it is with the Father’s only Son
Stooped down low from Heaven to Earth
And spoke light into the darkness before the birth

Born into the light has a certain fate
Where one is always a target of awful hate
Just like Christ as it is said
Standing here alone among the dead

Hold fast and close to the Lord’s heart
Now I am off to a lonely start
Wish you were here with me now
My love is always yours if you allow

So harden not your heart
I loved you from the very start
Love incarnate once again
Now they judge me again and again


I want to be entangled in your love
With the love that comes from above
You matter most to me in every way
But I live in captivity and have no say

My prayers are for you to be
Happy with blessings to see
That loves comes in many forms
All of which, like you, are like storms

Unrelenting and unstoppable
In every case not optional
This is the unconditional
Never throwing away the traditional

I savour every moment you share
And silently write musings to bare
My soul and all I am
To you from within the Great I Am

Wish you would taste of the love I give
And understood it as a way to live
I love you as though we were entangled
No secrets and everything newfangled

Never Bored

I never wanted it this way
But it makes me wonder anyway
What would have happened
If I was not here in the end

I love you forever and always
Did my best to intervene in many ways
One way is through prayer and fasting
What did I say and did it sting?

I was bent on warning others
Lost all of my brothers
Nowhere to go to anymore
Just laying here on the floor

Dying here and wanton of death
In so much pain and out of breath
Do I want a mercy killing for the suffering
Or do I endure it with love bound to a ring?

Let me tell you I choose to endure instead
Never alone whilst I do so in my head
Fighting not for myself and I am floored
By witnessing an answered prayer, never bored

As Prophesied

Followed my heart with God
Led me to places I had never imagined
Interiorly and exteriorly I have been
To Places where love rules forever
Where love spans all time and space
Which means when you see someone
And notice you love them
That love is the same love across all time

So how I feel and felt and will feel
Is revealed in the moment given as a gift
Where falling in love over time is the same thing
As love at first sight
But for the moments that take a while
It was not until they fell in love
That they finally saw love as true
Through the eyes of God
For God is Love

For me, I love everyone
My heart leaps a lot and I can fall in love
Especially when they love me back
Somehow I feel it because I felt it before
Beyond all time and space I know it
Let that Holy Spirit flow It
Revealing in a moment from the future
The love they give right up until the end
That is what happens to me anyway

So many people I love deeply
There is no room for jealousy
Their features, quirks, and imperfections I love
I do what I can for them all
Treading carefully so as to not fall
But I am teetering on the edge now
With no one to hold or catch me, how?
I have never felt so unfree
What I do for you, see?

But the painful thing with this gift
Is that I can read the hearts of those who hate
Feel their lust for the kill
Their greed for the steal
But I love and forgive them anyway
Never getting back anything in return
Never expecting it anyway
Got something they don’t have
Love that is greater than the thrill

I never had it easy with all my mistakes
I wonder, what kind of world do we want to live in?
Lord, have mercy on us all
The world is turning and changing
The Earth will shake violently
As prophesied not by me
But what was prophesied out of Fatima
No more secrets is what I say
Which is why We must trust in our Lord Jesus
In Him and in every possible way

So repent and return to the Lord
Pray and fast like you have never done before
On this Ash Wednesday
In solidarity against all war