Lord, I want to die
But I ask you to extend my life
Lord, I hate this world
But I ask you to love them through me
So as it is
I suffer for you
It is the cross I bear
Lord, bless them
My blessings have run out
Steadily they blindly walk
Towards their own damnation
So, last chance people
Before things get really messy
Truth is
Matters get worse not because God will not help you
Rather, if you exclude God
Evil takes over
How do you want to be remembered?

Love you
Need you


I am tired Lord
Need your help Lord
I pray to you Lord
I made sacrifice Lord
I yielded love Lord
But your people are weary Lord
And in danger Lord
They are anxious Lord
Please help them unite under Love Lord
I love you always Lord
Because you hear my prayers Lord
Amen Lord
So be it