If I daydream I can always see you
Go on adventures and enjoy love that’s true
To come back with nothing to show for it
A journey of a thousands lifetimes I can do
But none of it is worth it without you
So here I can bring you along
But out there I would lose you to a throng
I wonder if the daydreams are real
Perhaps in a parallel universe so surreal
The power to create worlds in a blink
As I created and first sent this without any ink
For I used to daydream of the day
So I again I wonder what to say
With you in so many of these dreams
We would then be bound to cross paths it seems
Even if I do nothing
As I ought not to do just anything
I ought to do what is right
But everyone else always gets in a fight


His love is so strong and bold
Yet gentle and kind, I’m sold
He has taken me places only dreamt of
The New Heaven on the New Earth, love my dove

I have tasted His goodness I must proclaim
His love forever going His way, my claim
Want to be a part of the great good that comes
Always in the forefront going before me He comes

He has lowered the mountains in my way
This is something metaphorical to say
That I have no enemies not defeated by love
Did I tell you I am in love with the Dove?

So go ahead and take and take and take
Never giving back any money you rake
I have warned you people of many things
And it all came to pass to what this power brings

I held my hand and cross so high to the sky
Left a mark on their lives so sly
But felt it was a waste of time
Parting a storm by a single word is not a rhyme

Beautiful Journey

Did I tell you I am lonely?
When with you feeling like I am homely
No one understands but that’s okay
I have nothing more to say

I know many feel that I am crazy
Hence all the drugs with my mind going hazy
Don’t know what to think anymore
As my body falls to the floor

Still standing I look down to see
Myself dead as can be
About to leave my body behind
I heard your voice calling me to you to find

So I jumped right back in to be
A part of your beautiful journey
So waste not this opportunity
As my heart flutters quickly within me

Great Transfiguration

Oh the agony in the mere minutes that await
Oh the pain united unto Him forever and ever
Salvation belongs to our God
For He has saved us from the clutches of death
Our prayers have been answered
And on a united front we stand
I chose to interact with God
Outside of my duties as a father and a husband
With God and the only God
At the face to face level

Let me say what has been said in secret
He is coming
He is already here
I tell you because it is time to bear witness
To what We have called something before
The Great Transfiguration

Those chosen by God will be Transfigured
They were chosen not by their own merit
They were not chosen because of anything they did
They were chosen because the Lord saw Himself in them
Now witness the Ones who are Love
This will be known as the Great Return
My heart is racing


I am a master of forgiveness
Love always shines through
It grows and it shows
While fighting for Glory

No recognition came when needed
Lost in the valley of death
I try to move accordingly
Hoping someone catches on

But their hearts flutter elsewhere
Grasping onto material things
Groping their way through darkness
And blaming their problems on Him

I can assure you, my friends
My Love is greater than any amends
And you should be forever enshrined
In love as it is in Glory

Mistakes Made

She ran circles around the truth
Hoping for some kind of youth
With no wisdom or knowledge to impart
It was wrong from the very start

But mistakes are to be made they say
And some mistakes can change the day
To a moment of discovery or one of dismay
I wade through the glory of today

Effortlessly I walk unhindered
Not by my own accord but tendered
Through faith and love I am in Heaven
Acceptance is the first step of Seven

So I have done things accordingly
To the things that are heavenly
My hope for you is my prayer
To light up love like a flare

For I took this path not for me
I am still here amidst you walking free
My path has no journey’s end
It is you I wish to befriend

For I never wished to live forever
No more did I wish to be born ever
For no wish comes before His will
My wish was left on the window sill

In every instance of danger I was saved
To His Spirit is the glory I have raved
So wonders never cease, do they?
Keep wondering, I must relay

In the Mirror

It is for the Resurrection we hunger
It is for the love that lingers
It is the new life that comes
Through Him with Him and in Him

Never been in a real fight
Everyone feared me
For reasons only suspected
But now I know why

I am not supposed to know
But I look in the mirror
And only see horror
This is why I have no friends

It is like a curse but it is not
Everyone fears the one
Who destroyed death
With but a flutter of His eyelids

It was death that met his demise
It was a complete annihilation
Death never stood a chance
There was not even a bloody fight

I felt the love of God flow through me
Like a conduit fully charged
Knowing it was Christ in my place throughout
With such power He has no match on Earth

I say these things that you may believe
In the one who sent me for He and I are one
Though we are not the same
It is Him who can make it not rain