Do you not understand?

Unity comes when you are all united under the power of the Holy Spirit. Love. Jesus IS here and what a GLORIOUS Day shall come like a thief in the night! You got it, let the Lord annoint you!

Should you not then see Christ in the face of your neighbour?

Woe to you who reject this Spirit of the Son of Love! Show then the compassion He does for you to everyone you meet so that He who dwells among you may one day experience your compassion. The Day will come when all will recognize Him at the lifting of the veil, so to Him show the kindness He longs for before that happens.

O dearest love of mine
My heart is breaking
I can hear all the wailing
Spread the Word of Love
By those acts of good deeds, Dove


O wicked generation
When will you learn?
The Lord is your salvation
Not something from men

Your eyes are crusted with sin
Your mouths are parched with defiance
You live in lust of one another
Your sins are heaping on your heads

Turn and repent
Time is very short
With God there is always hope
Fulfilled by way of Love


When I stand my ground
No one makes a sound
Inside of my church
Even when I lurch

Still got time to repent
Before the time of lent
Got a record of love
Leaving a trail like a dove

Now I stand on the outside
Wondering how I tried
Never reached the top
To make this pandemic stop

I can taste the doubt
There is only one route
To salvation through the Word
Made flesh is never absurd

So in my hand I have the earth
Heating things up like a hearth
To purify those who are lost
Paying one heck of a cost

A Proxy To Christ

Every word I write
Is a proxy to Christ
Reaching out for life
To those who are lost
Hold them close to my heart
Nurture their kindness and love
To be pillars of strength
Beyond any human measure
Hold my hand and hold me close
I will take you places you have never been


Got a message for ya
Gonna get alot worse
Before it gets better
Better get good with God

Singing songs of redemption
Opening hearts to attention
Gracefully aware of love
Immersed in grace to lead

Breaking all the rules
Leaving one behind
To love one another
Taking to heart a new kind

I am Third

Love God first
Neighbour second
Yourself third

But everyone is bitter
Resentment stenches
And they vomit their works
All over the earth

Mercy will indeed come
But those that refuse it
End up destroying themselves

This I have seen
And the horror estranged me
Sourcing Christ as my Strength
Participating in the Salvific Plan

In my Family
I am Third
In my Life
I am Third
Out of Love
I am Third

Thus I am Last
A blast from the past
Of Glory and God
And most Sacred Love


There is much I do not write
Especially of my doings or not doings
That I am ashamed of
That reflect my imperfections
Though made perfect in Christ
By His Resurrection
I am tired of persecutions
But I deserve it anyway
For my failings to be like Christ

Just because I do not think like they do
Doesn’t mean I should
So they drug me to try to change me


As I am alone
Lonely I am not
Unless alone I must be
There is at least one, surely

So listen to
What the Spirit reveals
From the Father in Heaven
His loving Will will unfold

One mystery revealed
At a time
When people are destroying themselves
Last time it was a flood


I hold back this wrath
When mercy is at play
Loving kindess and forgiveness
To my friends and enemies the same

I will never forget you
If in my heart you are in replay
Over and over again
To this I never sway

Forgiveness with love
Always defeats violence
Building bridges that burned
United under one Body as One

For whose blood was spilled
That redeemed us all from Death?