Charity in Action

The power that belongs to the people
Is the power that the rich covet and steal
My anger fumes at the ignorance displayed
They are going to war because of hatred

The only way out of this is to love
Acts of love include charity in action
Bringing to the forefront their very lives
You started playing with Fire


Did I tell you that I have this fire?
It burns all the way up the spire
Letting those that see and hear
The truth that burns their ear

I have got nothing else but fire
To burn the false and the liar
In their place rest their ashes
Did I not warn before the flashes?

I give the direction of the flames
To consume the one who blames
Got the Good Lord beside me
Instructing me in His Way for me

Now I have no fear of this fire that comes
Rather rejoice in song playing drums
Look to the Son for the final call
With my face set like flint to burn it all

Blanket Of Fire

Poured out like
A blanket of Fire
Across all the earth

If it hurts to burn
You are looking
Inward toward nothing
And nothing is nothing

When all is dead or raised
If the burn turns to yearn
To look toward Love
That is God

And you will notice you have already been raised
If the chasm before you is too wide
So very little time left now
Will the bridge be gone
Before the seven years of tribulation come?

This burn
I refer to here
Is not the same as
Your old love
Perverted generation!

That is not really love
But lust!

Eros comes from Love
Not Eros for Love