No Stage

I could stand up on any stage
To Glorify Him, the Almighty Lord and God
But in fact it would be
God Glorifying Himself through me!

But what is the point?
Nobody asked me to
Even though I offered

In this day and age
All they want to see is
Lustful bling on a smorgasbord of sin
They to me, have made up their mind

I was about to prepare a blast
Of the furnaces deep within the earth
But your Mother Mary wags her finger at me…

I am listening…
And I hear the prayers for more time

First, hurry up!
Then, we need more time!

The gifts I bring to the world
Are the ones you never notice or see
Thus no thanks or praise is given
Except by the ones who by faith give theirs and more

For even to the ones who tortured me
Abused me and hated me
I will always love them
Forgiven long ago
For none of them
Knew what it was that they were doing
But they should have known better

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