Everybody knows it is a time to be
With the very ones we love to see
But my world is upside down
You have no interest in me

The crushing blow to us all
Will affect us forever more
I am left all alone thinking
Surely to life there is more

Indeed there is as it is
Love is where it is at
With grace and glory
A life worth loving is a life worth saved


You’re so far away
I wish I didn’t need you
But the fact I do
Means I have gone crazy

Distant and afraid
That you will die without me
Been wondering
When will that ever be

Got me thinking of mortality
A distant memory fading away
Grasping what is real
Enabling love to have a say

I love you beyond the stars
Reserving the best for you
Oh how I want to write you
Even if I knew you


An overwhelming sadness
Fills my heart today
A sorrow of the deepest kind
For those who are lost
And now death is at hand
Forgive and be forgiven
Let go of an evil past
Join me in
An unending hymn of prayer
For deliverance in Christ’s name


I know you were sent by God
As am I sent by God
To rid the earth of evil
Amidst an extreme purge

I brought this curse upon the earth
Now people are banding together in kindness
While the evil ones will always stand out
They have more reason to be afraid

The reality is this
That our lives are lived
In accordance to His Will
Without it we are dead


The ignorance is distressing
Your interest compelling
Brought to a lasting union
With God between Heaven and Earth

Standing in the Courts
Pointing out those against
Bearing witness to the Truth
With a message unchanging from Christ

An everlasting life awaits
With the Glory of God’s Kingdom
Full and contrite hearts
Prevail in the torrential winds of hate


I left my troubles to you
As you asked me to do
You found it was too much
And buried it deep as such

So I left it to God
And He performed wonders in my sight
Showing me just how much He loves me
And relinquishing sin as a result

You never told my story
Despite when I died
Now I have all the keys
Beyond death I see


I found the way
Relevance today
Now more than ever
Truth is forever

Your genius has captivated
My attention devastated
Truth presented
Love rejected

In my anger I belted a curse
Which affected your purse
And the lives surrounding
Mercy will be grounding


I am ok with no one believing
Where I go
Nobody follows

Deep into the darkness
Alone and unafraid
Placing the light of love to appear

All I ever did was love
My testimony is tried and true
Having a say in who goes or stays

But I reserve my judgement
For another day
What else can you say?


Complete with forgiveness
The kind of love to live for
Granted in the sliver of silence
Which sheds light on the divine

Though I am hidden
I am not for long
While building up a rapport
For calling down wrath of every kind

So it falls on my head in the end
That no one listened or obeyed
Because the divine word of light
Perched itself on my shoulder alright

There is little I can do
When faced with what is true
But voice my concern
Over the absence to discern


The inkling that came
Arrived just the same
Untold mercy and love
This is not some game

But you play anyway
Thinking a certain way
But Graces are for God’s Glory
And loving each other, okay?

So perhaps it is as such
That you do not know how to love
Or refuse because you prefer to hate
Which is it then, ask yourselves

My Heart still bleeds profusely
That you be forewarned
Without repentance
Things always get worse

The Lot Who Did Not

I am bone of his bone
I am flesh of his flesh
No taking back this one
Not like a marble in water
But United and One
Do to me whatever you want
I personally do not really care
I am only here to bear witness
And what I witnessed
Only leaves me with shame
To bear your guilt
To have to say
This lot helped me
And this lot did not
What do you think happens
To the lot who did not?

Long Foretold

What is this Love I am willing to give
But God Himself, incarnate and real
Not some figment or misrepresentation
But palatable, tangible, and oh so poured out

His Spirit is my Spirit
I just so happen to breathe His fire
It kindles those hearts it surrounds
With Peace and Love, Kindness and Joy

But to those whose hearts are stone
Who refuse to repent and turn to Him
The fire burns and destroys
Because evil cannot be before Him

Thus the earth it shakes, and the crust it breaks
Escalating towards the inevitable
The destruction long foretold by prophets old
Don’t let ignorance or deception have it’s way