Lo Down

I will give you
The lo down, see
I Am descended from God
I declare it openly
A descendant I Am

Now I must tell you
Not much time left now
He is always here
Witnessed through the eyes of faith
He comes down to us every day

I had another vision
That will not be written
Simply because
I am bound like a slave
With the illusion of choice
And I Am one who sees
For the only choice I have
Is to commit sin
If I want my life to be any easier
The road to Hell is wide and easy

So if Christ came down
And entered into your slavery
What do you think He will do?

I will not say anything
But this:
By the power of the Most Holy Spirit
I bind Satan’s forked tongue
In the name of the Lord Jesus
So that everyone Satan speaks to
Will be like they are stone deaf in hearing
For all eternity



I was once face to face
With a bullet that had my name
The hammer came down, pierced the cap
The bullet reversed instead inside

God’s Angel intervened beyond my sight
I knew from that day forth
That I am chosen, in His Name
A witness until the appointed time

I blast not the lights from your days
Out of revenge or hate
What you’ll see is nothing
Compared to the torment of Hell

Your ways must change
For you have no faith
You’ll understand one day
When all you see is waste

Must Rest

Being off of ALL pain medication completely for the first time in almost 20 years has been, challenging, to say the least. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or God, but I hate this world, I fucking hate it, all of it. I love the people, but the world they created without God is a disgrace, it’s disgusting, and it pisses me off. It’s a good thing I don’t get my way or you all would see such wrath never before seen, but as it is, you all have Christ, He wants to save everyone, and I accept that and condone it.

So you might be wondering why I hate this world so much, you may already know why, and my reasons are perfectly valid, because the world I live in, is being ruined by Satan through people around me and by most of the world who blindly follow the Beast. I didn’t ask to go off pain medication, I was forced off of all of them because I experienced the Passion of Christ in an emergency room. Stupid doctors have no idea what’s coming.

That asshat Satan can’t get to me directly so he attacks my family. Typical of a coward.

Know this, the Lord has my ear, and my prayer used to be blessings upon blessings abundantly to those around me every day but they do not see, I smashed hearts of stone and performed signs before them. I even died for them, many times. I know not how many souls I have saved or will save by enduring this suffering, but in this state my posts will be less often now, and I must retreat for a while so I can recover.

If you are truly one with Christ, get off your ass and start behaving like it!

Busily Late

Only a small part I play
I’m late in entering the stage
Busy turning Hell upside down
By pouring out Love like majestic rivers
To unsuspecting souls, I know

It’s working I say, some hearts have changed
But the rest are in still a putrid state
After doling out that Mercy and Love from Him
It should be all of them, for Him
But as it is, they choose this state

Relent and Repent

Now I’ve made it too personal
Mirroring His emotion, but it’s so strong
I shouldn’t have, see how I am torn…
Knowing that they are just as loved
Despite being misguided by filth
Teachings that have not Love
Even for enemies, His Wrath is reserved
For those who have decided against
When the Spirit of Truth reveals all
Yes, even they will be spared
Should they relent and repent