A Thread Of Hope

I was standing before
An infinite chasm
Earth under me
Heaven above me
Across the chasm
The New Heaven and New Earth

The whole host of God’s people
Stood behind me
So I stepped forward
With a single step of faith
Fully expecting death
But stepped on a thread instead

A thread of mercy and hope
Held me up
So I walked that fine thread
That invisibly Divine thread
As it did not give way
While every step delivered hope

So careful did I tread
Kept my head down low as though dead
Put every bloody foot forward
One after another, I did

A Journey came about
Walking that Infinite Chasm
None before me nor behind me
None above me nor below me

I was alone with Myself
Walking on a thread of hope
Above the great chasm of death

But to my own amazement
I was pushed off that thread
To discover with great joy
Solid ground lifted my foot
A seldom traveled road
That led to my very Cornerstone
A place to rest when found
Looking only at Christ my Love

Under my very feet
The thread had tested me
Though I really was pushed off
Off that thread of infinite strength
I had already crossed it
Crossed the infinite chasm of death
While I was not even dead
For such fear had no foundation

So now I have returned
In a way you cannot possibly fathom
While I care deeply for your understanding
I will not force you to believe in the truth
So let us walk arm in arm together
With every single love in Our Hearts
Beyond all Time and Space
And beyond any strife
For the Love of Life
And the Life of All


Stepped on the Stole

When We said the scriptures would open
We were not kidding
Not at all on that one
Read em
Especially the book of Revelation
And then True Life in God

I made every mistake
That any book could ever make
So you do not have to
That is how much
The Lord God loves you

Basket of sunshine
The Light of Paradise
Flint in the moonlight
Broken glass everywhere
But nothing in the splinters…

In all seriousness now
I could tear the world apart
To itty bitty pieces in a moment
But in my visions I saw
The gift of love
Only a mere ounce of it
Enough to relent Wrath

I wish to remain hidden
If you do not mind
But will endure anything
If it should mean glorifying
The One Triune God
In His Will I Am
Forever Amen


Saw a little girl between two countries
Snuck under the soldiers foot
And made her way to the gate
As she ran she shrieked
For bullets sparked the way
A metal gauntlet of distrust and hate
A little girl, a child, ran…

Satan has such a grip on your throats
That you fear a mere child
A child seeking refuge
From the bullets you drop like rain
You make me sick

Living Vision

You are all in such an apostasy
My warnings will still come
But you ignore
So be at peace, my beloveds
Mercy will come like floodwater1

O My People!
What are these things that you cling to?
Nothing survives
That God does not already hold in His Hands
So when that Fire comes
Be more than ready
Be out there already
Be that pillar of light and love

So, will the Lord sweep you all into the Ocean
And bring you back to the waters?
Or pour out on the Earth
The Fire of His Holy Spirit?
A Second time He has already come
A Second time He is here
A Second time He will come
His Second Coming this is
The Great Return
Of Jesus our Lord



It will not be by force that the world Will finally be
By Grace and Love
A world with no need to say
Know the Lord
For all will already know the Lord
Love loves you all

Then I heard a voice speak to me and I saw
And I need not write it down

1 I had a vision of a whole bunch of people standing around with all sorts of things in their hands, pictures, devices, drugs, money, cars, art, even other people. They they were petting them, always looking them, worshiping them, wandering around aimlessly. Then a massive floodwater came and swept them away except for twenty four really large trees which were on fire. Then I saw a flash of light and Jesus and Mary standing facing each other, they turned their faces to look, Jesus to his right and Mary to her left.

I am sure you can understand what the vision means, but just so you know, there is something about visions from God – they do not come and go, no, they are like entire cities, I call them living visions, I can explore them with the Grace of God and write what I see. I know I am walking into a mind palace of infinite Knowledge when I do, and I can easily get distracted, which is why a day to me is like a thousand years, and time is irrelevant. I forget things here if I spend too much time exploring a vision or Heaven. I only have the brain capacity for one language to translate what I see.

These idolaters, when that water came it swept them all away except those who were in the Lord. Over the years, every evil has tried to destroy these particular trees, but the roots grew deeper and larger and the trees kept coming back (except when only twelve came back, the others everyone thought were dead). These trees are always on fire but never being consumed, like the burning bush before Moses. The water did not sweep them away because the roots were way too deep. If the water rose above the trees for a long time even, they did not rot, because they were always on fire. For when the water receded the trees remained lit, no matter what. Nobody could pull out the roots and if they tried to dig it out, it just turned into a bigger tree, or they would get white hot and burn everything. Then they thought they finally killed the greatest one, the tree of life (Jesus is the Tree of Life, which reminds me of another very long vision), it disappeared and then millions of tiny sprouts appeared everywhere around the earth (Christ appears now as an entire nation). These Trees will always be here and they are here to stay.

The living vision goes on forever through time, so much must still happen… But to simplify it all, it goes much easier and happier for everyone if people would just build gardens around these trees and let them bring forth fruit that will help heal and save the world. For between the people that unite under these trees and all next to the River of Life who is Christ, they will forever know the same Lord, and He Himself gives them Bread from Heaven (Eucharist).