Been Here Before

Peace be with you
I truly do love you
I will scribe my best
Words I confess

To be immortal
Means one has been here
Before and after
Have seen things and unthings
Live perilously and virtuously

Beyond any dreams
But your reality it seems
Preserved at will
Not mine but His

For God’s Glory and Love
Let God reach into you
And subdue you
By My Dove, says He

Then you will be free
Confessing good things
Instead of only deadly sin
Where Mercy always comes along to save

Tribute for women

Most importantly
Concerning the truth that is Jesus
How much more arguing will there be?
It was when devout Greeks
Who believed Jesus is the Christ
And NOT a few of the women
Meaning that not a few is many
Thanks to Mary
A most beloved Apostle
For who do you think was preaching
To the women while the men argued?

So in the very least mirror Mary
If you do not believe Jesus is the Christ
Love them Mary
I love you
Love Loves You


I was in the hospital a while back and I experienced and witnessed something horrific. Now that things have somewhat normalized and I can think straight again, I must warn that there are demons in those places. The priests, if there, do not cast them out. Cast them out.

Now I am faced with many trials and difficulties, I was affirmed that the trials will soon be over. Then I would be ready, but in fact I was ready the moment the trials began, why?
Well, because of the Holy Spirit, I called and loved;
Fell in love with the Dove, I did
And a dove in love
Loves for life
And this Holy Dove Loves
For Eternal Life