Mistakes Made

She ran circles around the truth
Hoping for some kind of youth
With no wisdom or knowledge to impart
It was wrong from the very start

But mistakes are to be made they say
And some mistakes can change the day
To a moment of discovery or one of dismay
I wade through the glory of today

Effortlessly I walk unhindered
Not by my own accord but tendered
Through faith and love I am in Heaven
Acceptance is the first step of Seven

So I have done things accordingly
To the things that are heavenly
My hope for you is my prayer
To light up love like a flare

For I took this path not for me
I am still here amidst you walking free
My path has no journey’s end
It is you I wish to befriend

For I never wished to live forever
No more did I wish to be born ever
For no wish comes before His will
My wish was left on the window sill

In every instance of danger I was saved
To His Spirit is the glory I have raved
So wonders never cease, do they?
Keep wondering, I must relay

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