My hair curls into downward spirals
My eyes gleam blue like the oceans
My mouth utters prayers and prophecy
My heart witnesses everything to thee
Perfuming the cosmos with God’s incense
With a reflection of God in the starry skies
What gifts I have been given!
To unravel the mysteries of Heaven
A place of which is here and now
On the way to a convergence of being
In Heaven while on Earth
Ushering in the New
So what is New?
A Heaven and Earth that is true
Jesus is what is New
For His Love is renewed every day
Mercy and Justice go hand in hand
On His hands are the marks of blame and hate
Yet he flourishes His Love in every place
So God grant me the grace to receive
Every prophecy uttered by Your Holy Spirit
To renew the message to deliver
Those from the clutches of evil and death

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