Forever Engraved

Forever engraved on my heart
Are the words spoken
By God Himself
Words that bound faith
To the reality We are in
So He can say to that mountain
Go and place yourself into the sea
And it will obey
If it is His Will

In truth
Out of warning
We shook the earth
And filled the sky with ash
But you never listened

Brewed massive storms
You pray for mercy

Knocked down the lofty
You still lie and cheat
But raised the lowly
And they deserve better

We even thwarted plans of destruction
Though I ask no credit be given me
But God though through me
For I am truly nothing
As that is even how people treat me
By ostracizing me unusually
And that matters not to me

For I say there is no religion that teaches this faith
Other than by the One
Who gives you His true body and blood
And your imperfections, O Holy Church
Have a long way to go to heal

The first step to healing
Is humility
To unite the dates of Easter
Both of you
Stalling only makes things worse

We have issued warnings before
We have swung this Word like a sword
Unheeded they will slice off bone
And the earth will continue to shake you all up and devour
Until you listen and obey God for your sakes

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