His love is so strong and bold
Yet gentle and kind, I’m sold
He has taken me places only dreamt of
The New Heaven on the New Earth, love my dove

I have tasted His goodness I must proclaim
His love forever going His way, my claim
Want to be a part of the great good that comes
Always in the forefront going before me He comes

He has lowered the mountains in my way
This is something metaphorical to say
That I have no enemies not defeated by love
Did I tell you I am in love with the Dove?

So go ahead and take and take and take
Never giving back any money you rake
I have warned you people of many things
And it all came to pass to what this power brings

I held my hand and cross so high to the sky
Left a mark on their lives so sly
But felt it was a waste of time
Parting a storm by a single word is not a rhyme

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