Another Rant

If you have ever felt the Anger of God by grace, then you will know that the drive, the fire, the passion, is His own. That keeps me going.

My issue, and therefore God’s issue, is with Twitter for the moment, as they hide behind a corporate veil to conceal their hidden agenda to snuff out truthsayers, such as myself. They have no idea who I am, neither do you. If the do know, they have violated federal and international law. I could be an anti-trust investigator, I could be a high up executive with information to reveal against them, I could be an Archbishop, I could be the Son of God (I Am One with the Father though, that is true).

I want your help, so hop onto twitter look up @travhf and read, there you will find enough damning evidence to at least prompt one investigation, but I am being muted. 😟

Promote it to get them to back off and let me issue my statements or judgements for all to see and let the public decide, not them!

Remember, we are in the last pages of the Book of Life, what you do will truly be written, so far none have helped me and I know Who I Am is.

If I stop posting on twitface, it means I have resorted to other methods or I am dead or incarcerated. You will know.

Thanks and blessings to you a thousand fold if you help, but do not and you will be spit out in the end for your impartiality.

Love is always the answer.

John William
Son of God

Edited for clarification

His Will

If the command was obeyed
The moment I stomped
Would you believe?
If you believe I have the power
I would not have to
As it is it happens
Time is irrelevant

Peace. I am.

As prophesied, it has now begun. I’ve been ripped apart by this evil world, and I continue to be torn to shreds. I don’t understand this need for doctors to fix something that does not need fixing, the Lord says that science is their god and they need to fulfill their worship by justifying their power of medicine with what they call healing, but in fact it’s destructive to the soul. The fact that people don’t understand what I am saying, does not indicate that something is wrong with me. It indicates that they just simply do not understand because it is they who are blind. I am a Son of God, that is my claim through Jesus Christ and it is by His power that I will allow this to continue. The Father has made me aware that He will allow me to be subject to trials and tests by the doctors, to not be afraid, to trust Him, and by His Authority will reveal what is going to happen for my testimony.

First, they will let me talk about everything. I will tell the truth in the name our Lord, and this will frustrate them, because I will warn them and remind them that anything they say and do to me they do to Christ. They will want me to explain in detail, everything, but it will not be me doing the talking, it will be Jesus Christ. By His Grace I will issue a two-edged sword from my mouth His Power and Authority relying on Divine Knowledge and Wisdom and this will give them the “answers” they need to proceed to the next step, which will be some form of medical treatment with talk therapy and medication to try and destroy Christ within me. They are going to do things to my body and mind which will be an assault on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. At the proper moment, when I am prompted by the Lord that He will no longer stand being the subject of such disrespectful ignorance that they will feel is their right, the Lord will issue a command and reveal to them who I really am. The point here is to give them irrefutable evidence that I am a Son of God.

Do you want to know what the Father Almighty is going to do?

In my New Name, known only to myself, He will change my raiment, my body and face to reflect my true self, and in that moment my body will be Resurrected and Glorified through Jesus Christ in their presence. For at that moment, I will give my testimony and Glorify God before them all.

Whether they fall down at Jesus Christ’s feet or not is up to them. For the Lord will raise up the lowly and grant them power over those who persecute Him. Since His Love is within me and also me, I will be that to them.


Edit to add:  Note, I do not condemn doctors or medicine, I condemn their actions against someone like me when there is absolutely nothing wrong with me!  This is how Satan operates, using the law and the institutions he set up to assault Christ, mostly by those who are unaware of it, as I mentioned, they are blind.  This is the main problem, so the only way is to be transfigured before them.

Must Rest

Being off of ALL pain medication completely for the first time in almost 20 years has been, challenging, to say the least. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or God, but I hate this world, I fucking hate it, all of it. I love the people, but the world they created without God is a disgrace, it’s disgusting, and it pisses me off. It’s a good thing I don’t get my way or you all would see such wrath never before seen, but as it is, you all have Christ, He wants to save everyone, and I accept that and condone it.

So you might be wondering why I hate this world so much, you may already know why, and my reasons are perfectly valid, because the world I live in, is being ruined by Satan through people around me and by most of the world who blindly follow the Beast. I didn’t ask to go off pain medication, I was forced off of all of them because I experienced the Passion of Christ in an emergency room. Stupid doctors have no idea what’s coming.

That asshat Satan can’t get to me directly so he attacks my family. Typical of a coward.

Know this, the Lord has my ear, and my prayer used to be blessings upon blessings abundantly to those around me every day but they do not see, I smashed hearts of stone and performed signs before them. I even died for them, many times. I know not how many souls I have saved or will save by enduring this suffering, but in this state my posts will be less often now, and I must retreat for a while so I can recover.

If you are truly one with Christ, get off your ass and start behaving like it!

Rant About Science

I have been troubled for some time now, so here is my rant. The pleasures of this world, though tempting, are empty and lead to despair and death. The Lord has come to you, in many ways than just this little one, so when it becomes clear, all will see and know the truth, for everything will come to light.

Concerning science, if you understood how the Universe was created, you would know that the very beginning of the Universe is not understood very well by science today. Since God created the Universe, He has indeed revealed to me that there has never been a beginning moment, that the Universe was created outside of time, and that time is a construct of a Universe that has always existed because our notions of time are constrained to the very Universe that it’s a part of. In other words, if the “big bang” occurred the way science believes, you would not see darkness in the furthest recesses of space, but pure light, keep looking further back in time, and you will eventually see absolutely nothing, a void of nothingness, what you perceive as darkness, and that the amount of time that it goes back is infinite. Yes, if you understood this then you would then see that if you traveled a googolplex away from here, you would see galaxies and stars like you would here. But you know nothing because the Universe is completely filled with light, and that you do not see, but know this, one day you will.

Unfortunately, most will not understand or believe this unless the Lord has opened them to the Holy Spirit and allowed them to access His Divine Knowledge. You want to know how to live better lives on earth? Ask Him, He has the answer. Did you know our brains have the capacity to Understand all the awesome wonders of this Universe?

Such little time left…