Keys to Ascension

A chronicle of wonders I have experienced that the Lord God has granted me; To truly witness under His Most Holy Name Jesus by the Spirit of the Most High; Being One with Him through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Honoured with the Graces to stand face to face with God, the Almighty and Ever Living God, the Father Almighty. Being face to Face with Him has always been, is now, and forever will be, a Grace. To put this bluntly, Jesus, the only begotten Son of God is the lamb who was slain; I am William, I Am the Ram who was raised by the Cross and Resurrection of this same Jesus you rightly call Lord. If you should ever say I am a Son of God, that would most certainly be true, however if you should ever believe for a mere instant that I am Jesus, even by the acts I may do in His Name, for Imitation of Him is inherent, then you must go to Confession; Though He and I are truly one, if you come to me because I called you, then to Jesus I shall point you to on your way. However, what you must know and the truth be told, the things you may envy, what I have experienced, what comes at a cost that He paid, He paid because no one was willing to, a cost thus you will not have to pay when you enter the Kingdom of God through the One True Faith. So many Gifts out there, go, use them with His Fire and Water that is alive within you… Do not waste such Gifts, they are there for you to give, and be not afraid, especially of me if you should ever see me, because most who come before me, I bless in secret, so I can be in the deepest darkest places and bring the light of love to the lost.

If you struggle with what I am saying, if the words sound off and strange, and for some they will most certainly feel confused. Alas it is not confusing, but merely you need time to adjust after exiting a very, very, dark place and entering suddenly into the brightest of lights, the light of love; after being raised and blasted by the Fire of His Holy Spirit, I Am with His Fire, with His Flame, thus it is similarly the same with Water and my Love. So many withstood the Test of Fire, so many withstood His Flame, rejoice if you believe in the Spirit of the Lord, rejoice if that same Flame that burns within compels you to Live in His Holy Name, then so do it not for yourself, but for Him, who suffers again and again for you, who loves you, so please stop the bloodshed, please, stop it by answering everything with an act of love… forget the costs, everyone, forget the costs! All of Heaven is in a standstill, over a heart that burns a once lit furnace of a flame of love, it was a name she wanted, it was a word she longed for, a name so forgotten, it stood frozen in time, lost to an Eternal Flame, to be spoken by Him, the One who knows all, sees all, and can forget everything but has never forgotten.

His guidance is a guarantee, no need for a warranty, and I could care less about sentence structure anymore, I hope you get the message. The Key to Ascension is complete submission to the Will of God through Jesus Christ, and His Will becomes yours.

Behold, I was standing and now I am trembling
I said the prayers I knew, and I knew them all
My heart opened up like a stained glass window
Of the Spirit’s Dove and Flame
With Jesus at my side, bleeding profusely
What are you all doing to Him!?
And then Spirit of the Lord came flooding in…

Dare I even say what happened next
Dare I say that the entire universe is in my hands
I drank the cup again, spilled a drop that time
Vassula, you have been betrayed1

The Spirit flooded me with Water while I was on Fire
I let Him in always
Cleanse me my Love for I am nothing without you, I asked
So the Spirit swirled around within and throughout me like water
I became transparent like glass
I trembled, but so much of it I enjoyed as I stood
But I stood nonetheless and could not kneel
Then the trembling stopped in an instant
When it was finished
He whispered to me
All Clean
Then He Kissed me and I did not die
With my heart at the ebb and flow
Wondering now wanting to know more
More about His Infinite Love
I am standing on a very cold stone here
A stone that should be warm
From the mere presence of a body
Standing on the Cornerstone of that same Love
Yearning for A hearth of unity
So I Am swirling around a Sword in the air
To get everyone’s attention
But I am thwarted at every turn
For lives I love to save
Lit with His Holy Flame
Dare I add Water to this one?

No one was here to listen to what came out of my mouth
My heart grieves at the loss
#PrayforPeace #PrayforLove

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