To those filled with Love
They look forward to what waits
But the ones who are dead
The future is filled with dread

The Lord revealed to me
That He will raise the dead
From their decrepit state
On the very last day

To those who have been blessed by Him
The future is yours filled with Love
Pour out your cup that overflows
To those who have none


I must continue to write
Despite the anguish
Love beyond death
I said, No matter what

Every letter painfully scribed to the page
Stencilling on my heart an ardent flame
Though excruciating, He comes to my aid
The Joy that takes over, welcome Adonai

So the real question is how to convey
Something amazing about Heaven and Earth
Like blossomed sunrises, sparkling life
Glory in all its splendour despite the pain

The aching desire, longing for Heaven
It hurts more if you’ve been there before
In the Passion, yes His Passion
More desirable than anything I’ve tried

Oh it tastes like Heaven, it leads you there
Guided by Love and forgiveness
Oh repentant heart, open and rejoice!
This time Jesus will enter and stay

So Love one another like no other
Be an ardent flame with Him and in Him
Heaven comes down and will remain
Oh Happy Heart, a Kingdom sustained


My very soul, who I really am
If you looked deep into my eyes
Let the peace and love flow through
You would see the Almighty God fused
To a sinner, repentant and forgiven

Thousands of years have gone by
We keep coming back hoping for change
Only to suffer all over again
For your sake and you know it not
This is the last time

This is bold even in pronouncing
Yet authority has been given me
Just wait and see
If you don’t already believe
His Mercy won’t last this time

If you have Faith and Love in Him
Then you know you must be washed clean
You can’t imagine what happens to you when
All sin goes to oblivion
Should you be drenched in it instead of the Blood of the Lamb

Breaking New Ground

Oh Lord, why the anguish and loss?
I’m sorry for my weakness
I lack the faith I need
To be lifted up into the sky
So those around will believe

I give everything I am to You
Do with me what you will please
Our Father’s Love will prevail
Oh Lord, empower this Love
I’m breaking new ground

As I am a prince by blood
Lost by the ravages of war
I seek not the glory or fame
Just deliverance all the same
To be Love is all I need and am

Lovers Be Love

If you don’t believe, now is the time to
The haters will always hate
Choking God’s Love, theirs is the worse fate
I’ll gladly suffer and die
Than see the world suffer by hate

So what do you think the Lord will do?
He will raise the dead, breathe in them new life
Oh faithless generation, this day is at hand!
Doubt all you want, it does nothing for you
Lovers, do not be deceived, be Love and more

Massive Change

Every new thought is a prayer
Things of the world I do not care
I know my place, I’ll never be doomed
Heaven is here, within and bloomed

I tried to no avail, reveal the Truth and Way
To the greatest hearts and the stone hearts
So the world’s in for massive change
Matters not I failed, He will win with Love


I am troubled as of late
My heart bleeds as I wait
So many thorns despite the wake
Love itself rejected, new thorns in place

Oh I have made many mistakes
Though done only out of Love
I asked for complete transformation
Transfiguration and annihilation