I’ve been asked by God to deliver
The keys to Ascension
To take those souls to Heaven
To be there while on the dirt here

Every path I took on my own
Led to nowhere, everywhere
Every attempt blocked and thwarted
By blasphemy, apostasy, and sin

So He took me up into Himself
I let Him in by my permission
Yes, this is the first resurrection
Cause I was dead, now I’m One with Him

Desires greater than all the gold
Love fulfilled every dream and hope
By Heaven and all the Glory
Lifting the veil will be so amazing

But the whole lot ignores the signs
Except for a select few who believe
Their faith still lacks the seed
To grow into the greatest tree

I am forbidden to deliver the keys
Until East and West come to their senses
And unify the great Easter divide
This is His command, it must be done

Ignore the signs no longer please
I have no desire to command
Legions upon legions of Angels from Heaven
To deliver destruction never before seen

While this might seem, a bit extreme
They refuse to come to Him
They worship themselves in sin
Keeping humility from coming in