He Returns

I’m done with the dead
As I’ve already said
Onward and upward
This path I dare tread

Unity under One God attained
Only by Grace is sustained
In blissful silence He is adored
In one small moment, I was floored

The Lord placed the entire Cosmos
Before me in this silence
In awe, no words need be formed
Galaxies like grains of sand in my hand

The marvels of the Universe
Like when black holes are formed
New Universes are born
Heaven is so way beyond that

With Love He said to me, I forgive you
Before I could even utter my humble confession
I forgot my sins, I had nothing to confess
Explosions of Joy in my Heart

He blesses you all with His Peace
Should you be humble in reception
Give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ
Son of the Living God

Now is the time O People of God
Listen closely for there is not much time left
The Glory of God revealed
Heaven on Earth, joyous to proclaim

There’s no mistake about being one in Him
He stumped my unbelief at every turn
My name is John
Prepare for the Coming of Our Lord

He Returns every day yet will Return in Glory
On that great Day to be feared by many
Listen, repent and expect Mercy
Reject, and you will be burned

Very harsh yes it is indeed
But that’s what sin leads to
The choice to Love thrown away
With it your freedom, are you sure you want it that way?

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