Learn The Way

In the wake of evil acts against you
You who still incite hate and evil in return
You pray with your lips for protection
But from your heart you despise and rebel

You have thus chosen your fate of late
Without God, without Love, without Heaven
You were given keys to the Kingdom by Jesus
Repentance and forgiveness with Love, says He

You scoff and scorn at His prophets, His Word
You deny them a voice by ignorance absurd
Yet before God they cry out and are heard
No act of nature will convince you of Truth

The burden of this double edged blade
Is His and mine to bear
The power to command nature to lay waste
It’s my Cross and unmistakably His

We walk hidden among you
Some of you have even seen
Yet you keep yourself silent
Yes, of course it needs a leap of faith

Treat us with ill contempt
We may withhold our curse or we may not
Woe to you who would be cursed
Everything will taste like ash in your mouth

So what are you waiting for?
Go to Jesus, call on His Name
Learn the way, His Cross for sure
Just don’t be lukewarm