Disasters Will Escalate

The Lord has opened my heart
Revealed truths forgotten and unsaid
The gifts by His Spirit my daily bread
Now closer than ever to Him my Lord
His Joy and His Sorrow adorned

To partake in His suffering and death
An undeserved privilege I’ve lived
I do all of this for the forsaken and lost
Teach those who are unforgiving
To forgive and forget, to not regret

I have nothing to give Him
Everything comes from Him
Except that which is our decision
To live according to His Will
If you truly believe and see
You’ll know this does not come from me

So listen closely, in Truth and believe
The Lord is indeed coming again
The world you all created against
Breeds hatred and resentment
Towards one another and there is no Love

It is with great sorrow I must state
That it is by the Lord’s command
That the disasters severely escalate
Due to your deplorable state and hate
Lord’s Angels flood from the Gate

It gives me no pleasure to break
Satan’s grip by forceful measure
Christ’s prophets have delivered
But you reject them and continue in sin
Rejecting God and the message to repent

Elohim Adonai

One thought on “Disasters Will Escalate

  1. Quakes and more quakes
    One after another, Hurricane force winds
    War and turmoil all around
    Volcanoes are only burping
    Before they open up wide

    You do the math…
    Now the fault is moving

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