Certain Power

Yes indeed I have certain power
More powerful than any Tower
Stronger than the written word
As in the order I am third

In truth, I am meant to be last
In the race and in the fast
Never wanting to be first
His Sacred Blood quenching my thirst

So many things have been forgotten
Thrown away like it was something rotten
Stripped away like it was some disease
When it fact they really threw away the keys

2 thoughts on “Certain Power

  1. Great poem! I really enjoyed reading it. Your writing style is incredible. Could you tell me what inspired you to write this poem and what is the message you want to convey through it?

    1. Inspired by the conviction of my own belief that I can relieve the suffering of others by enduring vast quantities of my own suffering by being one with Christ. United to Him unto even death, we live on in Him and gain eternal life beyond death leaving a message of hope that despite great suffering we will always endure with great love.

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