Judgement Day

Apart from Christ I am but a puff of wind
Through Him, with Him, and in Him We are
His Spirit is Our breath, Our Life
Though still I fall from grace
He is quick to forgive and raise

Our enemy camped all around Us
Their collective consciousness Hell bent
On Our destruction, Our demise
But We smile instead with the Joy of God
Do your worst, We say, you’ll fail

We have Angels that surround and protect
The command We give is to Love
Answer evil with acts of Love
Despite thousands of years gone by
You want war instead

War you want, war you will get
Those that fight by the sword die by the sword
Your powers are nothing but a speck
To the Majesty and Glory of God
His Fire you cannot withstand

In the blink of an eye you will all be before
Him and His Majesty and Throne
Judgement Day
If you’ve obeyed His Command
Forgiveness is free

All will bend their knee
Out of reverence, not fear
In Peace, Joy, and Love
Heaven comes down
Evil thus cast away