Stone Hearts

I closed my eyes before a crowd
My heart tore open wide
Out came the water and blood
The weight of their stone hearts tore a hole
My eyes saw no one but one
A loving heart, just one, so sad

They do this to themselves not me
The quakes will keep coming
Until they see that it’s them not me
Keep this up and guess what

Destruction and waste not ‘cause you’re you
The Angels have their command
To humble the wicked
But you’ll get caught in the crossfire
It matters not ‘cause you’re you

No one raves about a prophet
That seeks fulfillment and light be shone
On the truth and what is Love

God is here and He is Love
But if you have not Love
Nothing you are and nothing you will be
So why are you so concerned?

Do you love their evil deeds?
Or do you love the dust and ash?

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