Another Rant

If you have ever felt the Anger of God by grace, then you will know that the drive, the fire, the passion, is His own. That keeps me going.

My issue, and therefore God’s issue, is with Twitter for the moment, as they hide behind a corporate veil to conceal their hidden agenda to snuff out truthsayers, such as myself. They have no idea who I am, neither do you. If the do know, they have violated federal and international law. I could be an anti-trust investigator, I could be a high up executive with information to reveal against them, I could be an Archbishop, I could be the Son of God (I Am One with the Father though, that is true).

I want your help, so hop onto twitter look up @travhf and read, there you will find enough damning evidence to at least prompt one investigation, but I am being muted. 😟

Promote it to get them to back off and let me issue my statements or judgements for all to see and let the public decide, not them!

Remember, we are in the last pages of the Book of Life, what you do will truly be written, so far none have helped me and I know Who I Am is.

If I stop posting on twitface, it means I have resorted to other methods or I am dead or incarcerated. You will know.

Thanks and blessings to you a thousand fold if you help, but do not and you will be spit out in the end for your impartiality.

Love is always the answer.

John William
Son of God

Edited for clarification



This is really sad
For my own sake I do not care
This is just a perfect example
Of the “elite” lording it over
The little ones
Proof of the pudding is in the eating..

Normally I would be reeling in anger
Except it just makes me happy
Happy because it is persecution
Persecution because I am small
And I Am
There are no more excuses
You cannot say you did not know
Ignorance is bliss, huh?
The Lord’s Spirit will deal with you now
Not me…