Rant About Science

I have been troubled for some time now, so here is my rant. The pleasures of this world, though tempting, are empty and lead to despair and death. The Lord has come to you, in many ways than just this little one, so when it becomes clear, all will see and know the truth, for everything will come to light.

Concerning science, if you understood how the Universe was created, you would know that the very beginning of the Universe is not understood very well by science today. Since God created the Universe, He has indeed revealed to me that there has never been a beginning moment, that the Universe was created outside of time, and that time is a construct of a Universe that has always existed because our notions of time are constrained to the very Universe that it’s a part of. In other words, if the “big bang” occurred the way science believes, you would not see darkness in the furthest recesses of space, but pure light, keep looking further back in time, and you will eventually see absolutely nothing, a void of nothingness, what you perceive as darkness, and that the amount of time that it goes back is infinite. Yes, if you understood this then you would then see that if you traveled a googolplex away from here, you would see galaxies and stars like you would here. But you know nothing because the Universe is completely filled with light, and that you do not see, but know this, one day you will.

Unfortunately, most will not understand or believe this unless the Lord has opened them to the Holy Spirit and allowed them to access His Divine Knowledge. You want to know how to live better lives on earth? Ask Him, He has the answer. Did you know our brains have the capacity to Understand all the awesome wonders of this Universe?

Such little time left…