In the Mirror

It is for the Resurrection we hunger
It is for the love that lingers
It is the new life that comes
Through Him with Him and in Him

Never been in a real fight
Everyone feared me
For reasons only suspected
But now I know why

I am not supposed to know
But I look in the mirror
And only see horror
This is why I have no friends

It is like a curse but it is not
Everyone fears the one
Who destroyed death
With but a flutter of His eyelids

It was death that met his demise
It was a complete annihilation
Death never stood a chance
There was not even a bloody fight

I felt the love of God flow through me
Like a conduit fully charged
Knowing it was Christ in my place throughout
With such power He has no match on Earth

I say these things that you may believe
In the one who sent me for He and I are one
Though we are not the same
It is Him who can make it not rain

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