Her face and her eyes
Are so beautiful
But her heart
Is a facade

So is the face
Grinning despite
Giving me pain

I am done
I thought this was it
I set myself up
For disappointment
Thinking you thought of me
But I digress
A thousand love poems
Are not sufficient
To earn your respect and love

So goodbye to you then
Do not expect a thank you
The vipers out there
Will eat you whole
And I will be gone
Nowhere near to save you

Not here to say
I told you so
I love you
But you will never know this love
Tragically you hate me instead
And all I did was love

Now I am bleeding profusely
From my heart the pain seeps
For a man abandoned by everybody
I offer my suffering for this man
Then I find out that man is me

So yes I am selfish
But that is my flaw
So I give myself away
As I take my own life
And finally leave this place
Away from all the hate