Glance of the Eye

Your glance of the eyes
Tortures me with sighs
Of longing and seeking
Nothing but love divine

So I blazed a trail
And found a grail
Living according to His Word
Filled with all of the love you could find

So let me peer into your deep
Dark pools for eyes
To lift up that loving soul
A feast for the sighs

On the verge I am
One look was a slam
That you never looked
Any deeper than that


Branded in Glory
Handed the Story
A Kingdom Come
Here I Am


So pour out your own
Inklings into rhymes
Your words are sublime
Penetrating time

I have got a flame for you
Sparked into romance
Settle for a dance
Love is my stance

Corporate Greed

I have noticed corporate greed
It tends to bleed
Out the truth you see

So listen carefully
Though not responsible according to legal
You hands are covered
In the blood of the many
And your words tied up
In eloquent speech

The poor are poor
Here on the earth
Because of your corporate greed

There is no washing it clean
By any mere act you here possess
I see your awful crimes
How could you possibly compensate?

I say repent and regret your deeds
Confess your evil deeds
Before you are confronted with it
No Mercy for those who show none

I hate the world you created
Love has no place to rest here
Restless I go searching
For long lost hearts of love

And I found you

Pacing in Pain

Despite pacing in pain
I cannot contain
My love for you
It grows

The longer you are near
Seal my heart with a sear
Oh how that blood pours out
When will you, dear?

I drowned in my own words
Failed to compensate love
Brought shame to my house
Yet I am forgiven by God

So I write of God’s Mercy
How He rooted my life in Christ
I will announce until I drop
Everything will happen in a flash

So whether or not
Your beliefs are wrought
From a solid foundation
That is a rock

Nothing can shake me
Nor tear me down in vain
My strength is the Lord’s
My life is always His

Nothing received
Is ever by merit
But rather by mercy
As we are ALL guilty

Remember that
Remember Christ
Remember Jesus
Nobody remembers me except Christ

Kingdom Come

Here is something that has been said
Here I will say it again
If you are rich in wealth
Give all your wealth
Directly to the poor
Else you can never enter
The Kingdom of God
The time is near

So for all the rich today
You may already be too late
For the Kingdom has already come


I turned into a monstrance
To project the love of the Lord
Situated before sinners
I live according to His Word

But their hearts are hard
It is difficult to get over
That the loss is their decision
Tearing open that hole in my heart


Truly I tell you
The Lord has returned
Sooner than expected
But should not be a surprise

Every mountain be laid low
Every hill flat to a plain
No obstacle can hinder Him
However He will respect your decision

As it is and it is true
That the world expects
A grand entrance for their King
But they forget He returned like a thief

He wants nothing to do
With this generation of wickedness
And will reveal Himself
When this generation has passed away