Nature’s Wrath

Do not underestimate Nature
She knows your true nature after all
Whether you are evil or good
Is in her knowledge

Where she strikes back for your sins
The scars on her face
A reminder of her own fate
Of when our own beloved star consumes her

Where will you be in those eons that pass by?
Just a memory of the pain you caused
Or living forever in the halls of the gods?
Just remember who is out there among you

Nature’s Anger

In all of my days
I intend to amaze
Crossed the line back and forth
Until I settled somewhere far north

Unlike the desert, it is a mess
A frozen wasteland nonetheless
But beauty exists beyond what the eye can see
Torn apart for financial gain I can see

So look inward toward yourself and ask this
Am I responsible for any of this?
And do your part to circumvent her anger
Instead of shouting your nonsense at her


You have my heartfelt gratitude
For all the things that you do
Let the love you show return as Love
It gets greener when you follow Him
Pain and suffering become like nothing
Compared to His Passion
Oh, the joy in unity is it never stops
The heart from beating while bleeding
Though it grows faint from proceeding

In truth, we have two hearts
A human heart and a spiritual heart
Which in me is bleeding profusely
For I condemn your wars and take no sides
Justice comes with Wrath which is inevitable
End your wars
Or watch Nature turn on you all worse than she is now
As is my command

Nature’s Vengeance

I am called to be a prophet of the age
Learning Wisdom from her lips, not a sage
Every means at my disposal to help you through
But end your wars or I will use Nature against you

Which comes first?
The mighty earthquake and tsunamis in its wake
Or are the hurricane onslaughts not enough?
Behold this is for God’s glory not mine

In this the Lord will make known to His people
He is arriving, has arrived, and arrives in a moment
Gifts to the world kept hidden will be revealed
Thus is His call for you to come back to Him

Receive Him
Love Him
Hold Him
Kiss Him

His mighty Sacrifice on the Cross saves us all
Remember that and do not hate His Children
It is who you are and not forsaken
Love yourself and your neighbour