Stripped Embrace

I have nothing but love left in me
All my energy gone like the wind
Stripped of my passionate embrace
I just wanted to love and be loved
Is that too much to ask?
Instead I am hated and your love far from ideal

I learned by my studies and mistakes
That there is nothing wrong with me
Just wired differently, born like this
But that is what you do not understand
My faith is being held in the balance
When I saw you tip the scale

Thus the evidence is weighed against you
The Lord knows what was on your heart and mind
When you took the life you meant to spare
But forgiveness is just around the corner
Spared by the power of the Cross
Join me in praise and thanks to Him

Him who is Christ is our saving grace
Jesus whose name saves us all
Has come to us and none recognize Him
I know because I am a witness
With the same pierced Heart
Weak now because it is bleeding profusely

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