You will forget what I told you yesterday
That death comes to those today
With no recognition of the prophecy
That attempted to circumvent more than policy

Alas, the ignorance is abhorrent
It was me the Lord has sent
To deliver bad news with the hope of change
And the prophecy was fulfilled well within range

I do not like it when the Word reveals truth
That leads to death and a rotten tooth
But it is what it is and let my anger subside
I turn only to find you are a pain in my side

But I love you anyway despite your failing
I am looking at a bulletproof glass ceiling
Hell bent on destruction of livelihoods so
It dislodges the poor from their status quo

So at my disposal and fingertips
Are just inklings and words with whips
To bring the rich right down to their knees
To compensate for their awful deeds

But they will not bend their knee at all
And their riches will grow before they fall
Watch as their platforms fail
All that wealth gone to waste, what a tale

So I curse their livelihoods with disdain
That insects invade and destroy with pain
Their very source of their wealth and powers
To be destroyed along with their evil Towers

But as I have foreseen with godly powers
I saw and still see beyond the flowers
The truth of their own state of being
It is putrescence and vileness I am seeing

My anger will not subside this time
Not even if change takes place in time
It is no longer up to me to decide
What to do, in you I confide

Not only have I failed you but our Lord as well
I have nothing, not a thing, nothing to sell
Because I give it all away no matter what
So give me a billion dollars is what

My threats are against only the rich
With their crazy ideas that hurt not the rich
Ignoring me from every angle I can see
Because of their disbelief in me

Why do these things have to rhyme?
They sound better I think over time
After you sing that song I need
To deliver the message to seed

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