Shadows always hide from me
Because I am the shining light
In the light I do not even see them
But from within a shadowy figure I can

My cover has been blown
So to the floor I was thrown
Already healed in just a day
And forgave the sin that caused this delay

I will continue to be attacked
Because I am vulnerable and in love
My strength is not my own
As I have undoubtedly shown

Death defying and chosen by God
Ignored when on a pedestal
Will show another way to swing a sword
One that bears His Heavenly Word

I warned the rich and judged their platforms
Now their stocks are plummeting
As are their schemes unraveling
So will everything else when all is said and done

So I say to you O wanderer
Whose bidding do you hide under
That could possibly uproot
What God Himself has planted?

I say none if any of you are wise
Deceptive and you will meet your demise
I have lived and breathed faith and her powers
Bright like gold and as light as April spring showers

My time now is short and the end now quickened
My pace to accelerate my demise has thickened
Carrying my cross all along ready to be strung
The bell tolling the number of deaths has rung

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