Never Surmise

One thing for sure is
If you trust and love the Lord He will be with you
Always, I have said from the beginning
Your love makes my heart ring

So when it fails all I can think of is
Not enough believe and know of this
That if this body die, and I will someday
I will be taken up body and soul

I know because it happened before
It was Christ Jesus who was first raised from the dead
My immortality is not of my own accord
But of Christ within me, wait and see

But until then, I write while being attacked
Left and right, no defence against
Like a sitting duck, taking the blows instead of you
I love you, so why else would I?

I will endure every suffering that is thrown
For your sakes always because as witnesses you are known
As the wrath of God unfolds before your very eyes
The storms are just the beginning, I never surmise

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