Love’s Fire

Who am I that I can breathe love like fire?
Love that burning desire
Felt it trickle in as a stream
Now a river it is a dream

See? A river of love on fire for you
Oh that purifying fire will pursue
Until you are enveloped entirely
By the burning sensation ever so gently

If you look deep while you feed
Off your dreams and your seed
You will find the truth simply
That Jesus is the Key

I found the Key and opened a door
Entered it and found a world full of lore
But with one thing in common to see
That the Christ is within you and me

It is a movement of the moment
That love beyond our dreams is meant
To fulfill their destiny only dreamt of
Love coming from Heaven above

I wish for many things that do not come true
Wondering why it is my wish for love is blue
I reached the stars and opened my mind
But my words fell short to remind

I saw a future that will survive
It will be love that will revive
The dead corpses that litter the earth like flies
Will prophesy and from death they will rise

Music fills the air with delight and I relight
The candle of melodies revealing the light
Dancing for joy while with a lover
Wanting more than ever some cover

To infiltrate a world bent on hate
Rejected at every turn I get irate
Revealing the moments required to live
According to the love God will give

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