I felt the holy flame sear my bleeding heart
Never felt the same from the start
Broken skies and glass ceiling woes
Has me standing on my toes

With a wave of His hand
Armies of Angels He will command
Levelling for good the warrior’s breath
For vengeance over their death

The ways of the Lord are not your ways
My senses ringing the choirs of praise
Bringing peace and joy along for the ride
Delivering love, I must confide

Is there any way but love to bring
A special song we can all sing
A new kind of passion that burns
Fuelled by His own taking turns

With every breath I take
Suffering ensues with no break
Enduring the greatest pain
Reliving the greatest gain

So what did I gain with pain?
That ever piercing lance in the rain
Alongside a promise to reign
Over me and my love champagne

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