Believe in God

The problem with the world today is they believe in the wrong things that misdirect them away from God.

These things that mislead them are simply not from God. One thing from God that I have learned over the years is that the Lord is indeed merciful and bestows grace upon grace upon us, grace leads us and we follow Him. Warning to you, grace is given freely and you must accept it, however grace like this doesn’t last forever unless given this way. We are in a sea of grace, yet we still war with each other and kill. The Lord will have none of that.


Before she fell she could see the dead
Brushed it off over the years, it was said
And was given a permanent grace for life
With the promise of Heaven on Earth and no strife

No time to waste, she was overwhelmed by grace
Cracked the foundation that was laid in place
When she fell to her knees in adoration
She became hallowed ground for Deification

The grace given to me by His power
Is to live forever in Him in union in every hour
And was told my body was going to last
A thousand years so I will still fast

My patience has stretched to infinity
Knowing that He alone is the Trinity
On Earth as it is in Heaven
One Bread One Body no leaven

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